How to choose a kid's mattress

How to choose a kid's mattress

We’d like to let you in on a helpful way to think about buying the best mattress for your child. It comes down to 4 things. We like to think of it as the FAST checklist. Feel, Age, Support and Total (of your budget). It’s quick to read and will hopefully help you make the final decision about which mattress to choose for your child.

1. Feel

How the mattress feels is quite important so it's always a good idea to take your child with you when you're buying a new mattress for them. They probably won't know if they like a firm, medium, plush or ultra plush mattress until they try each one.

2. Age


While there are a few mattresses out there for ‘toddlers’, they generally aren’t necessary. Most toddlers move from their cot to a big bed without too many dramas. So if you have a little one, it might be better to look at single mattresses. If your child is older, you may like to consider a double mattress, so they have room to move. And if you’re child is over 165cms tall, a king single mattress might be the way to go as these mattresses are 15cms longer than singles and doubles, so a great idea for a growing teenager.

3. Support


Pocket coils, inner spring, memory foam? Confused already? Our sales people are on hand to help you navigate the different types of support right for your child, without bamboozling you or skirting around facts. And because we focus on bedrooms and bedrooms only, we think we know our stuff.

4. Total (of your budget)

It’s tempting to try and make do with a cheaper mattress for your child. Kids do grow out of their bed, but thankfully not overnight, so look for durability. Things like reinforced sides and inner-springs that are clipped securely to prevent the layers inside from moving. For affordable quality mattresses for kids, check out our Slumberland Value range.

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