Everyone sleeps differently. We're here to help take the guesswork out of finding the right mattress for you. Snooze has a large variety of mattresses online and bases online available in king, queen, double and single from leading brands such as Sealy, Tempur & Slumberland.

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How many hours of sleep do we really need?

Sleep is essential because it can power the mind and restore the body. But how many hours of sleep do we really need to order to reap these benefits? This will all depend on an array of factors from your age to your activity level, sleeping pattern and overall health. Read on to find out how much of your time you need to be spending hitting the hay each night. You won’t be disappointed, we promise. 

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3 reasons why recycling your bedroom furniture matters

You’ve welcomed a new bed into your room and can hardly contain your excitement. It’s time to lay down and drift off to sleep, but there’s one thing standing between you and bedroom bliss - your old mattress and bed frame. Perhaps you’ve pushed them up against a wall or moved them to the spare bedroom for those unexpected guests? If neither of these is an option for you and you’re interested in recycling, upcycling or donating your pre-loved bedroom suite, we explore three reasons how it can make a difference to our environment, economy and industry.

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5 essentials for a better night's sleep

Getting enough sleep can allow us to lead our best lives. It can improve our productivity and concentration, ensuring we can get through everything on our never-ending to-do list each day. But while you’ve tried meditating, cutting back on your coffee and making sure your stress levels are in check - it could be time to turn your attention to the very foundation of your bed. Read on for the five bedroom essentials you should consider for a better night’s sleep tonight.

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Creators of comfortable; 'Select-O-Pedic'

We’re proud of the many, high-quality local mattress manufacturers we support at Snooze. One such manufacturer is Select-O-Pedic; who are responsible for handcrafting a reputable and exclusive range of mattresses which cover the entire family’s needs. Now, isn’t that a wonderful bedtime story?

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