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Transforming the nursery into a ‘big kids’ room.

How often is too often to redecorate your little Snoozers room? For some, redecorating a kids bedroom is reserved for big milestones and changes in their life, while for others there’s no such thing as too often, and with every birthday a new ‘bedroom look’ is welcomed.

We suggest a nice balance is somewhere in between! A good approach is to invest in a few key pieces that will go the distance and then mix up the accessories; lamps, toys on display, artwork, or even wall colour every few years. Whatever your preference, one transition that will definitely require some new bedroom furniture is when your toddler transitions from a cot to a big bed. (Head to our blog story on this to find out how and when to know if your child is ready for the big move).

Buying a ‘big kids’ bed is such an exciting and transitional time and so it makes perfect sense to make some accompanying changes that will reflect this next stage on your little Snoozers life.

Chris Carroll of The Life Creative caught up with Snooze Stylist Mel Brady and Metricon’s Jacinta Evans to find out how to make your kids room amazing!


Unless you’re one of those afore people mentioned who loves to introduce a new look every few months, we suggest trying to get some longevity out of the overall look. When considering where to start Jacinta suggests ‘keeping it quite neutral’. Monochrome (black and white) works well as a base for both boys and girls. Bright colours can be introduced through bedlinen and artwork, but if the bigger pieces and wall colours are kept relatively neutral then your child can grow with it from toddler age through to later childhood.

Go for Quality

To ensure your key pieces such as the bed, the bedside table and chair are adhering to this theme of longevity, we suggest leaning towards products that are that are well built and can withstand some above average tear and wear (to be expected in any kids zone). Our Vibe single bed (featured above) has a sturdy metal frame and solid timber slats that won’t bend or sway. Beds like the Charlie bunk and Mini Me are made in Australia and also offer durability as well as on trend style. The Hipster bedside featured above is another example of sturdy, sensible design ideal for a kid’s room and again, is also made in Australia.

Getting them involved.

Not only does this help your little Snoozer deal with change (in the case they are transitioning to a big bed & undergoing a bedroom overhaul) but it also gives them a sense of belonging and ownership. It makes sense that they will enjoy being in a space that they have played a part in creating. Incorporate their favourite colours, familiar characters or animals into the space; bed linen selection, wall stickers, posters, framed prints are all things little kids can have fun with!

Introducing cost efficient artwork

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to kids bedroom styling. Try a feature wall with book shelves and use their favourite books as artwork - just open them up on their favourite illustrations; we love Australian author/illustrators like Anna Walker, Ron Brooks and Freya Blackwood just to name a few. Alternatively, add some colour with wall decal stickers, or even better, if you (or anyone you know), is handy with a paint brush….a hand painted wall mural would create the ultimate wonderland.

Functionality and storage

We all know that kids have a lot of stuff! So styling a beautiful, yet functional space with plenty of storage is essential. Luckily good looks and functionality don’t have to be opposing forces - the two can go hand in hand thanks to clever design. When space is an issue, think about how your bed can play a part in storage - a compact space saver like our Bilby Single Bed Frame is not just a cute bunk bed, but has plenty of storage space and a desk (a place to colour in, do crafts, or homework in the later years) The Calypso Single Bed Frame also has terrific storage options - including an overhead tower and bookcase option - and the cherry on top, is that it’s designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

There is so much fun to be had with kids rooms so ensure you don’t take it all too seriously. Most importantly, keep it simple, don’t overstyle, kids change their mind often - more often that you want to be redecorating!

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