Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

At Snooze, choosing the right bedroom furniture has never been easier. We’ve created five beautiful bedroom styles, Luxury, Classic, Contemporary, Natural and kids, to help make styling your room easier. Once you’ve discovered your favourite style, we can help you get the look for your bedroom by su...

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5 things to do before bed

Getting a good night’s sleep and starting your day bustling with energy is just about the best thing to do. From entrepreneurs and presidents to writers and CEOs, it seems happy, successful people lean on a solid set of bedtime rituals to speed them into the new day. Of course, you don’t need to be a CEO of a global company to aim for a restful sleep and productive day. For some of us, getting through work, organising kids and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge. We’ve come up with a list of five things to do before bed to ensure you wake up ready to transform your day into a productive success.

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How to create a coastal bedroom

Even if the ocean isn’t around the corner, you can bring a touch of the coastline into your bedroom with the Ocean Grove Cross Thatch collection. Pair it with airy fabrics, a soft neutral colour palette, and beachy accents which create the feeling of an endless Summer in your space. Sun-filled mornings, breezy afternoons, and warm evenings are a Snooze away. 

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The Snooze bedside story

The bedside table is a must-have bedroom staple. Whether it’s somewhere to store your favourite novel, pop your glasses down or showcase a beautiful lamp, a bedside table can add the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom. Achieving bedside bliss doesn’t need to be difficult either. Read on for our styling tips. They make a great Snooze bedside story. 

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Small bedroom ideas: How to make the most out of your space

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of undisturbed relaxation, but limited space can leave it feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Additional space is a luxury that most can’t afford, but there are a number of small bedroom decorating ideas that can help you to maximise the area in your room without compromising on style.

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