Updated 18 August 2022

Due to COVID-19, some of our stores and delivery teams are conducting contactless delivery as a preferred option and due to this our regular assembly service may not be available at this time. Please check with your local store in relation to your specific delivery and/or assembly requirements.  Contact details for our stores are available on our website.

Do I have to choose assembly service?

It is up to you whether you wish to choose the assembly service. All products come with detailed instructions if you wish to assemble the product yourself.

Which products require assembly?

Products that require assembly will be clearly labelled so on their individual product pages. When you add one of these products to your cart we will ask if you also wish to also purchase assembly.

How much does the assembly service cost?

The cost of assembly varies depending on the complexity of the product you are ordering and is displayed when you add a product that needs assembling to your cart. Please see the below for a basic guide of expected costs for assembly:


Product Assembly

Installation fee per item


Simple assembly.

For example, bed frames without storage.



Standard assembly.

For example, adjustable bases, furniture with some storage or extra features.



Complex assembly.

For example, products with additional storage.



Difficult assembly.

For example, furniture with challenging pieces or features requiring additional time.


How long does assembly take?

Assembly could take up anywhere between 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the product.

What if there are no assembly instructions with my product?

If the assembly instructions for the products in your order are missing please contact the store that you purchased the products from and we will ensure these are sent to you as quickly as possible. We can send either send the instructions by post or send a scanned image of the instructions by email.

Can I get someone to assemble my order for me?

We offer an optional paid assembly service for any product that requires assembly, at which instance packaging items will be taken away. This service is only available for purchase on orders that are truck delivered. Please note that mattress ensembles are assembled as part of the Snooze delivery service and don’t incur any extra charge.

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