Featuring a combination of quality innovation and luxury, Madison® is an icon of ultimate indulgence and is Exclusive to Snooze.

Quality comfort

Designed with the Ergonomic Institute of Munich, each Madison® mattress has a ten-year guarantee. The collection has been crafted with gel-infused memory foam and a German-made and engineered spring support system to assist in conforming to your body as you sleep.

State-of-art design

The most iconic hotels in the world form the inspiration behind the Madison® brand, crafted with intrinsic state-of-the-art design and artistry in mind. Each mattress has been hand-stitched with luxurious European silk and wool fabric for the ultimate indulgence.

Crafted through generations

Our expertise in crafting mattresses to help elevate sleep have been passed down from generation to generation for over 25 years. The practise was pioneered by three local men from Victoria who proudly support 300+ staff members Australia-wide.


Exclusive to Snooze, Madison® has been hand-tailored in Australia. Passionately assembled with long-standing craftsmanship, innovation, and design to help deliver a better night’s sleep, night after night. The Madison® collection is available in an array of Australian sizes. Shop the mattresses, bases, and ensembles now.

Madison® Ultra-Premium

The Madison® Ultra-Premium collection has been crafted with a unique high count spring system that can respond and contour to all the major zones of your body as you sleep. It features a European silk and wool fibre blend and gel-infused memory foam to help improve your comfort. Relive the hotel experience and bring an iconic mattress home. Choose from St Regis, Empire, Park Avenue, Palace, or Savoy.


The Madison® collection can form the foundation of a good night’s sleep. Crafted with a European silk and wool fibre blend for improved comfort and a 7-zone German-made pocket spring encased in a premium high-density support system to help conform to your body at night. Fall asleep on the Plaza, Grand, Broadway, Waldorf, Times Square or Grosvenor for hotel-like luxury.


The Madison® brand was crafted through a relentless pursuit to create the best luxury mattress in Australia. Select-O-Pedic is the creator behind the Madison®, SleepTailor® and our household brand, Slumberland. The tradition began with three local men at a small workshop in Huntingdale, Victoria, in 1983. With 300+ local staff members, Select-O-Pedic has a manufacturing footprint across Australia to cater to their mattresses' ever-growing demand.

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