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King Single Mattresses & Bed Bases

Searching for king single mattresses & bed bases? Sleep soundly every night with our range of soft, medium and firm king single beds from quality brands. Be size-wise and make sure the king single mattress size is right for your room with our mattress buying guide.


Sleep in comfort on a king single mattress

For those times when you want a little extra room to move, you can’t go past a king single mattress. Ideal for the rapidly growing teenager, king single mattresses are also great for spare rooms. A great blend of space and comfort, these mattresses are great for the rapidly growing child or even for the guest bedroom without taking up too much space. 

Looking for a king single mattress and not sure where to start? We’ll take you through some king single features to look out for. 

The different feels for king single mattresses

Finding the right feel is crucial when it comes to choosing a mattress that will suit your needs. From a supportive king single foam mattress to the plush softness of a king single pillow top mattress, there’s something for every type of sleeper. 

Whether you gravitate towards a firm, medium or plush feel, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Unsure of which one is best for you? Try our Snooze Profiler® Technology in-store. You’ll answer a few simple questions before we help you find the right mattress to suit your needs. You can also take our Snooze Mattress Finder online and explore a range of mattresses to suit your needs. 

Find the king single mattress to fit in your space

Wondering about the difference between a regular single and a king single mattress? And what about a long single? While a regular single mattress is approximately measures around 92cm x 188cm, a long single retains the width of a regular single, while adding some additional length, measuring around 92cm x 203cm. 

Meanwhile, a king single adds a little extra on both the width and length, measuring roughly 107cm x 203cm. With a generous amount of room to sprawl out, a king single is a great choice for anyone who wants to maximise mattress area, but doesn’t have the space to commit to a larger bed. The size of each mattress can vary depending on the finishing, so it’s always best to check the size of a specific mattress.

With our wide selection of king single mattresses, there’s one to suit your needs. Browse the range online, or head in-store. Have a chat with one of our friendly staff  and try out the mattress in person, ensuring you find the right fit. 

King Single Mattress FAQ

Is it worth getting a king single bed?

A king single bed is a great choice for anyone looking for a single bed. With its larger dimensions, a king single bed provides extra space for a single sleeper to stretch out comfortably without occupying excessive floor space, making it ideal for smaller bedrooms. Pair it with a sturdy slatted bed base and you’ll ensure proper support and ventilation for a restful sleep. With a king single bed, you can stretch out and relax with a little extra sprinkle of luxury.

Is a king single smaller than a queen?

Yes, a king single is smaller than a queen bed. A king single mattress typically measures around 107cm x 203cm, providing more width than a regular single bed and the same length as a queen bed. However, a queen bed offers more width again, measuring around 153cm x 203 cm. While a king single bed is an ideal choice for one sleeper, a queen bed offers more space for couples or even individuals who desire additional room to spread out.

Is a king single good for adults?

A king single mattress can be a great choice for adults. King singles offer extra length for taller individuals, ensuring they can get a restful night’s sleep. They also provide extra sleeping space without taking up too much room, making them great for smaller bedrooms or studio apartments. 

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