You're always on the go, whether it's running, working, meditating or planning your meals for the week ahead. Yet it is often forgotten that striving to live your best life starts with a good night's sleep. Sleep and recover so you can be at your best with BEDGEAR.

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Offering excellence in sleep innovation and thinking outside the box, BEDGEAR® have put their innovative C1 mattress into one. This clever ‘bed-in-a-box’ features carefully curated comfort layers, Dri-Tec® moisture-wicking fabric and an Air-X® ventilated lower panel to help you rest your best. Available in three feels (plush, medium and firm), enjoy the added comfort of our great value bundles**


A hybrid design, consisting of a 5-zone pocket (spring) support system, with a 5cm upper layer of React+® foam for improved conformance and pressure relief, this performance mattress is available in a plush, medium and firm feel.


A fully modular design, this Performance mattress is designed to evolve with you, to help provide personalised sleep comfort. Made with interchangeable Independent Suspension™ unit(s) so you can choose the level of firmness for each side of the bed, the M3 also features comfort layers including React+® foam for improved cushioning and Boost technology for enhanced conformance.

BEDGEAR technologies

Each BEDGEAR mattress and bedding product features a combination of either one or more of the following technologies.

AIR-X® Enhanced air flow

DRI-TEC® Wicks away moisture

REACT® Softer adaptable foam

REACT+® Gel-infused memory foam

VER-TEX® cool touch fabric surface

Explore the BEDGEAR sleep essentials


BEDGEAR, the global PERFORMANCE® lifestyle brand launched in Australia with Snooze in 2017 with bedding products as used by athletes and health focused individuals. BEDGEAR offer pillows and mattresses which are personally fitted by taking into account body type, sleeping position and mattress firmness. BEDGEAR’s textile techniques engineers their sleep essentials to help deliver a cool, fresh sleeping environment which wicks away heat and moisture as you sleep, to help you sleep and perform at your best each day.

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