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Single Beds & Bed Frames

Searching for single beds & bed frames? Choose from our timber and upholstered single bed frames to suit your contemporary, natural, classic and luxury style bedroom. Available in an array of colours, textures, and finishes. Customise your single bed in-store or online with our My Style, Slumberland and By Design ranges.


A single bed frame to suit your space

Are you looking to upgrade your little snoozer to a bigger bed? Perhaps you’ve got limited room for guests, but need a versatile bed frame. Single beds can be a great option for small spaces or children’s bedrooms. With a whole range of different colours and styles to choose from, customising the sleep space is easy. 

Choosing the right single bed base for your space 

Thanks to their compact size, single beds are a great way to save space while still providing a comfortable surface for a good sleep. If your little one is about to make the switch to a bigger bed, a low single bed frame can be a great option while they’re still getting used to their new bed height. Meanwhile, a single bed frame with built-in storage can be a great option for a kid or guest bedroom without compromising on comfort. Practical and versatile, these beds can be a great solution for storing toys, clothes, extra quilts and pillows out of sight. There’s also trundles to beds with statement shelving for books and decorations, the options are almost endless. 

Different single bed frames to suit your style

Creating a comforting and inviting bedroom is simple when you’ve got a range of single bed styles to choose from. For example, a wooden white single bed frame can help to freshen up a sleep space, while an upholstered single bed in a neutral tone can create a versatile, yet contemporary look. 

While the design and colour of your new bed go a long way to styling your space, many single beds come with additional features that will help make the most out of your space. 

Whether you’re setting up a kid’s room or the spare bedroom, we offer a variety of options for dinner needs. Choose from a large selection of styles, colours and materials or customise your very own single bed frame when you head in-store or shop online.

Single Bed FAQ

Are single beds suitable for adults? 

Absolutely! Single beds can still provide a comfortable night’s rest for a solo adult sleeper. Single beds offer the same length as a double bed, but with a little less width. There are also plenty of options - like a king single or long single to cater to your specific sleep needs. 

What size is a single bed in Australia?

A standard single bed measures 91.5cm in width and 190cm in length. Although many people use single beds for kids’ bedrooms, they can also comfortably sleep a growing teen or adult who’s looking to make the most out of their small space.

Is a single size bed enough?

A single bed is a great choice for kids, teens and even adults. With that said, if you’re looking to share your bed with a partner or even your furry friend, it may be a good idea to opt for something with a little more space, such as a double or queen if space allows, so everyone has plenty of room to stretch out.

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