5 bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms

5 bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms

Teenage boys need space — but not just any space. They need their own multi-functional corner of the world where they can study, sleep, hang out with friends and chill out by themselves. The great thing about teen boy bedroom makeovers is that minor changes can make a big difference.

Tiny room ideas for teenage guys

The best teen boy bedroom ideas reflect their personality while combining enough storage, comfort and functionality to keep the floor clear of clothing. A special note to parents - do not redecorate your teen’s room without their input! Now we have those words of wisdom out of the way, here are five tips for creating the perfect bedroom for your resident teen.

1. Under bed storage is everything

Teenagers aren’t unique in collecting lots of ‘stuff’ — most of us do! However, sometimes keeping that ‘stuff’ tidy can be challenging, particularly if their room is on the smaller side. Under-bed storage is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of decluttering anybedroom so that items are out of sight but still easily accessible.

A few ideas include storage boxes, bags and bins. There is a wide range of choices available, from polypropylene boxes and zippered fabric bins to woven baskets and sealable vacuum bags. It all depends on what you’re storing, the durability required, and what you want the end result to look like.

For a spin on the ‘under the bed’ concept, consider a bed frame with built-in drawers or even a bed frame with a lift-up storage base.

2. Furniture should be fun yet functional

Must have one: The bed - Typically, the most important item in anyone’s bedroom. The size you choose will depend on the space you have to work with and your young man’s stature, but you should also factor in the growth spurts that will undoubtedly occur. If space permits, go for as large a bed as possible!

Must have two:
The desk - Help your teen handle a crazy academic schedule with a tidy and organised study area. A good quality desk and ergonomic chair is a start, but vertical and under-the-desk shelving is also a great way of keeping all their books and study materials close at hand and making the best use of the room’s space.

Must have three:
Storage extras - Ottomans and over-the-bed cabinets work well, while cork boards and magnetic dry-erase boards can keep small desks from becoming cluttered. Another great addition is a charging station for all their gadgets, and if sleepovers with their mates are on the cards, a bed complete with a trundle will ensure they are rightfully prepared.

3. Colour will amp it up

Involving your teen in the process of choosing colours, textures, and themes is the easiest way to get ‘buy-in’ while letting their individual tastes shine through.

While adults sometimes prefer calm and understated environments, teens often appreciate high-energy, vibrant rooms. However, if you are working with a smaller space, neutral tones are worth considering as they can make a room appear bigger. But there is a great compromise. For example, if your teen requests darker or more vibrant colours, consider using them as an accent colour in wallpaper or paint or in accessories like quilts, rugs, furniture or lighting. Metallics are also great alternatives to darker colours.

4. The room should combine imagination and flexibility

Teenagers love hanging out in a bedroom that is creative, fun and unique. Some suggestions for bold, imaginative and unexpected elements that may suit a smaller room include custom-printed wall art, a chalkboard graffiti wall, a fish or reptile tank, staged shelving, or a wall-hung skateboard or guitar.

It’s also important to note that aside from a cosy bed and a customised study area, ‘zone out’ areas are also important for teens, whether it is to get in touch with technology (a given) or spend time with their friends. Some suggestions include a soft rug, throw pillows or beanbags for an impromptu hang out space, reading or gaming corner.

Above all, the design should be flexible so they can grow and change with your child and their preferences and be removed easily when the time comes.

5. Don't forget about the small but essential details

Your teen may be focused on ‘bigger picture’ details, however, a great way of adding creativity to a smaller room is by focusing on the smaller details. Quirky lighting can provide the opportunity to change the mood of their bedroom, whether it’s subtle lighting that creates shadowing effects or energy-filled lighting.

Are you searching for an instant fix? Bed linen can also express their personality while refreshing the space - let them loose in the sheets section of Snooze and help them select a smooth and comfortable set while you figure out the details of the above tips.

From storage and linen to furniture and accessories, there is a range of teen boy bedroom ideas out there that will turn their room into their perfect sleep/study/play/lounging sanctuary!

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