Beds with Storage

Beds with Storage

Explore our storage beds. Choose from our timber and upholstered bed frames with drawers or gas lift storage in the base to help create a clutter-free bedroom. Complete the look with our impressive collection of bedroom furniture, including bedside tables, tallboys and dressers.


Maximise space by taking advantage of a bed with storage 

Are you looking for somewhere to store your winter quilt? Perhaps you want to tuck away some other bits and pieces you don’t use year-round. A game changer for anyone short on space (but who still craves a bit of style and functionality) is beds with storage. They offer smart solutions to help clear clutter. 

Keen to explore the different options to suit your space? Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to finding the right bed with extra storage.

Choose from a range of storage bed sizes

Beds with storage come in all your regular bed sizes - from single to king, perfect for a range of bedrooms formats. A single bed frame with a built-in shelf can be a great way to show off some of your Snoozer’s favourite toys and books. Meanwhile, a queen bed with storage underneath can be a great way to tuck away extra bedding, linen or seasonal items. 

The right size bed will come down to your bedroom. Remember that you may need extra room for any drawers that pull out.

Beds with storage in a range of styles

Beds with storage underneath, like pull-out drawers, allow you to save on floor space and provide an ideal home for linen, extra clothes and shoes. There are also gas lift beds, which use hydraulics to raise your mattress and free up storage underneath - ideal for bulky items like thick quilts. Meanwhile, beds with shelves provide an extra display area for bedroom items like books, candles and plants. 

Beds with storage come in two primary materials - timber or upholstered. - So, no matter your bedroom style, there’s a bed frame to suit! 

From gas lift beds to beds with headboard storage and beds with drawers, we have a wide range of space-saving beds to suit all needs. So, if you’re looking for the right bed frame for you, browse our range online or head into your nearest Snooze store, and we’ll help you find a bed that’s right for you. 

 Beds with storage FAQ

Are gas lift storage beds safe for a children’s room? 

Gas lift storage beds are safe for a children’s bedroom, when used correctly. With any mechanism, there is a risk of injury if people (not just kids) are not careful. A gas-lift bed should be operated by an adult rather than a child. They should also be used for longer-term storage of items rather than everyday use. Most gas lift beds come with a locking mechanism to keep the bed raised. However, it is always best to ensure you keep all fingers, loose clothing and hair away from the mechanism. Although unlikely, these things could still get trapped in the system’s moving parts. 

What type of bed is best for storage?  

When it comes to saving space, beds with built-in drawers or shelves are excellent options, although gas lift bed frames might be the winner when it comes to storage space and innovation. These allow you to maximise all possible storage areas to keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Is it good to have storage under the bed?

Extra storage is always a good idea, and a bed with storage can be the perfect use of otherwise under-utilised space, helping you to keep your bedroom neat and clutter-free. A gas lift bed offers a spacious storage option, making it useful for storing those bulkier items you don’t need to access too frequently, like extra bedding, linen or out of season clothing. 

Are storage beds stable?

Storage beds are designed to help support the weight of a mattress, as well as any items stored underneath, so they are just as sturdy as normal bed frames, only with added storage! Gas lift beds do have some weight restrictions, so it’s always best to speak to our friendly staff in-store for guidance. 

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