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Our Top 4 Mattress brands

There are moments in life when significant decisions must be made, and in the words of the great Tony Robbins ‘it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped’.

Ok, possibly a little dramatic in this context, but certainly, deciding on a mattress can be an overwhelming process that involves some groundwork and consideration. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that most mattresses have a lifespan of 8 years, so, taking that into account, combined with the fact that we sleep for 7-8 hours a night, you could be spending approximately 21,900 hours in very close contact with your mattress! No pressure, but this is one relationship you want to get right!

Yet with so much information out there, so many different options, and a common misconception that ‘one size fits all’, you can see how the decision process can be tricky to say the least. The decision should take some time, some testing, a little research and a little education, but should not be stress inducing. At a very top level here’s just a couple of things to keep in mind while searching for the right level of comfort and support.

1. Don't compromise. We all spend nearly one third of our lives in bed...yet individually we are all so different. We have varying sleep positions, habits, sleep difficulties or disorders, and of course ages and weights. How could one mattress feel the same, offer identical support or last the same amount of time for a young person vs an older person, or a heavier person vs a leaner person? The answer - it wouldn’t. So don’t settle for the ‘one size fits all’ mentality. Find the mattress that suits you.

2. Try before you buy. It's time to try. We recommend you spend at least 15 minutes on a bed before you decide. Don't be shy! Ensure you speak up as well - talk to store staff, ask loads of questions and read product reviews.

Here’s an edit of five mattress brands we believe deliver the optimum range of comfort and support. Our ‘Top 5’, if you like!

Brand #1 - SEALY

When you know that a company has been around for over 65 years, it’s fair to make a couple of assumptions - they’re pretty good at what they do, they’re passionate about what they do and people like what they do. Sealy has led the bedding industry with decades of research and development resulting in patented technologies that lie at the heart of their product range. They understand that we all have different needs when it comes to sleep, and as such offer a wide range of mattresses (and bases) with a range of comfort options, from soft pillow tops to those with a firmer feel. Not only are their beds built to rigorous standards, they are handcrafted locally! As testament to Sealy’s commitment to quality and support, Sealy beds are backed with a 10 year guarantee. It’s with good reason that Sealy can claim to be Australia’s favourite mattress brand.

Brand #2 - TEMPUR

Did you know that the Tempur® story began when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to cushion and support astronauts?

That unique material is now known as Tempur® and it lies at the core of all their mattresses and pillows. The Tempur material helps absorb movement such as your partners’ tossing and turning, and may help to relieve pressure on key points of your body. Available in various options, so you can opt for softer or firmer. As leading innovators, the team behind Tempur® continues to push boundaries as they develop a range of memory foam mattresses that contour to the body shape and may help to relieve pressure points, while still offering great support.

Brand #3 - MADISON

Introducing the MADISON - luxurious, handcrafted comfort that is Exclusive to Snooze. Choose from the Classic range which offers a 7 zone, German engineered pocket coil system or the Ultra Premium range that features foam and micro pocket coils.

Despite the fact that words like ‘craft’ and bespoke’ are thrown around loosely these days (and have become as common as seeing a bearded man serve quinoa in a Melbournian cafe), real craftsmanship is still at the manufacturing heart of Australia’s furniture and mattress industry.


And finally in our Top 5 we present Slumberland - mattresses from a reputable and prestigious brand that’s been around for nearly 100 years! Today, the Slumberland brand offers an extensive range of mattresses and bed frames, covering the whole family’s needs (excluding the dog that is) when it comes to beds. Slumberland mattresses are hand assembled in Australia and the team behind Slumberland believe in producing high quality mattresses without the high price tags. Now, isn’t that a wonderful bedtime story?

But don’t just take our word for it. Come and see for yourself. Visit your local Snooze store today, talk to our sales team and let us help take the guesswork out of buying a bed.

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