King vs Super King Bed Sizes

King vs Super King Bed Sizes

Sometimes you need a little extra luxury, and if you have the space, why not drift into comfort with a king or super king sized bed? If you’re up for a new bed, now is a great time to consider your options and decide whether you want or need to size up.

So if you’re thinking of investing in sleep with a king or super king sized bed, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you find what’s right for you.


How big is a king bed?

A king mattress measures 183 x 203 cm, more generous than the queen (see more in our mattress buying guide). With the average height of Australian men and women being 174 cm and 161.2 cm respectively, this is plenty of room for everybody to stretch out in comfort.

While a queen size bed is a common choice for adults, the extra centimetres you’ll gain in a king size can make all the difference. If you like to spread out, or are that little bit taller, you’ll appreciate the extra room in a king. It can also mean a better night’s sleep if you’re in a relationship, cutting down on partner disturbance if one or both of you is a squirmer! It’s no wonder they’re becoming an increasingly popular option.


How big is a super king bed?

Measuring 203 x 203cm, a super king mattress is the ultimate in luxury and comfort. It’s the largest bed size you can get in Australia, and if you have the space for extra width it’s definitely worthwhile.

If you have kids, the extra room can come in handy on those nights they just can’t sleep in their own bed, or if your fur-babies join you, you’re less likely to wake up with Fido's foot in your back.

How much bigger is a super king quilt than a king?

There isn’t one standard size when it comes to king quilts. A Snooze king quilt measures 245 x 210cm, while a super king is 270 x 240 cm. That’s 25cm of extra width, and 30cm of added length. However, keep in mind that sizing will differ slightly from brand to brand. Super king bedding on a king sized bed creates a full and beautiful overhang, making the bed look even more inviting.

Is it worth getting a super king bed?

This really depends on what you want. Would you benefit from a larger bed? Will it fit within the space? If your queen bed is feeling cramped, then it is worth upsizing to benefit from that extra space for a better sleep.

What is the difference between king and super king?

The real difference between the two is length and width, with the super king offering 20cm more width than the king. Mattresses can also differ in height and construction, but the different options are available across all sizes.


Things to consider when buying a bigger bed

If you’re still wondering whether upsizing is for you, here are a few things to consider before opting for a larger size mattress.

Room size.

Even if you have your heart set on a king or a super king sized bed, there isn’t always the space for it. Measure it out on the floor with masking tape to see how much space is left to walk around it.


If you have lots of furniture in your bedroom, there might not be room for a bigger bed. This isn’t always a deal-breaker, as there’s plenty of bed frames that come with storage solutions, and wall-mounted lamps can even be an option to save on floor space taken up by side tables. Some bedroom furniture comes with in-built technology like a USB charging port and LED lighting - offering you smart, built-in solutions!

Sleep style.

Some people just love to stretch out, while others are more cuddly sleepers. Think about what will work for you to get the most out of your mattress.

Amount of people/pets.

If your bed sometimes feels like a crowded commuter train, your sleep will certainly suffer. Children and pets can be wonderful cosy companions, but if you’re finding yourself waking up tired from all the tossing and turning, it might be time to size up.


The bigger you go, the grander your room will appear, providing you have the space. A bigger mattress also means room for more pillows and throw cushions, adding soft comfort to the bedroom.

Now that you have a better idea on what size you might like, why not read about what to do with your old mattress? Whatever you choose, we have plenty of options for you to explore at Snooze.


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