How to make a bed 

How to make a bed 

Is making a bed a chore? We’re here to share insights that are sure to help you change your fitted sheets and quilt covers with ease and ensure your bedroom looks like it’s straight from a home decor magazine. In need of fresh linen? Explore our range of bed sheets and other bedroom basics so you can have a more comfortable night’s snooze tonight. 


How to make a bed

Do you ever look at a beautifully made bed and wonder how it’s done? These simple steps take the guesswork out of well-made and styled beds.

  1. Clear off old bed linen and any throws or decorative pillows.
  2. Before you get started, lay down your mattress protector. Like a fitted sheet, slip it over the corners to protect against any spills. If your protector doesn’t have edges, make sure its secured in the corners evenly to protect your mattress. 
  3. Grab your fitted sheet. Start at the upper corners of your mattress and pull the sheet down. Are the corners of your bed snug or is the sheet sagging?
  4. Next, spread a top sheet over the mattress. Pull it all the way to the top edge of the mattress and make sure it’s centred, draping evenly on all sides. Are you a fan of patterns? Ensure your favourite print is facing down so it can be seen when you pull your linen over.
  5. For extra warmth, lay out a thin quilt or blanket, lining it up with the top sheet. Tweak the overhang to ensure it’s even.
  6. Tuck in the layers. Start at the bottom of the mattress and pull the corners tightly toward you. Tuck firmly underneath the mattress. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Pull-on your quilt or doona (there’s a lot of top layers to choose from) and smooth for effect.
    Expert tip: Fold your quilt in half on the bed. This shows off the patterned sheets and blanket.
  8. Fluff your pillows and prop them against the bed head. Start with bigger pillows at the back before finishing with smaller decorative pillows.
  9. Add a throw blanket at the end of the bed as the final finishing touch.

How to make a bunk bed

Does changing the linen on a kids bunk bed feel like a workout? You won't need to wrestle fitted sheets or quilts any longer with these helpful tips.

  1. Start by stripping off the old linen.
  2. Give your mattress protector a good shake and smooth it out.
  3. Next up is the fitted sheet. Start from the top corners and slip the sheet over, sliding it down to the end. Use a stool for the top bunk to get better access to the corners. A helpful tip is to lift the mattress off the slats so that half is sitting on the edge. Then, slip the sheet over the corners before sliding the mattress back into place.
  4. With the mattress back on the slats, spread the sheet out. Is the bunk bed against the wall? Try and have more overhang on the side easiest to tuck in. Does this all sound a little too difficult? You can also skip this step and go without a sheet.
  5. Save yourself the hassle of flat quilts that need to be tucked in and choose a fluffy blanket and quilt cover. The fluffier, the looser it will fall around the edges.
  6. Give the pillows a good fluff and prop them against the bed head.
  7. You can often get away with leaving bunk beds plain, but you can always add a small throw blanket that doesn’t drape or your favourite decorative cushion.

How to make a loft bed

Awkward and hard to reach, loft beds can be a hassle to change… unless you have our seven-step guide!

  1. Start with a clean bed and get rid of the old linen.
  2. Give the mattress protector a shake, smooth it down and tighten up the corners.
  3. Use a stool or step so that you can reach the mattress without climbing onto the bed to slip on the fitted sheet.
  4. Start at the far corner and slip the sheet on. Make sure the corners of the mattress are tucked in tight. You can also lift the mattress and prop it on the edge of the bed frame so that you have access to both corners.
  5. Sometimes it’s easier to skip the flat sheet. However, if you want to use one, spread it out on the mattress and tuck it in the sides and bottom. Like a top bunk, don’t worry about spreading it so that it’s equal on both sides. Instead, have more overhang on the side closest to you to make tucking in easier.
  6. Spread out the quilt or doona. Like a top bunk, go for a fluffier quilt that won’t lay flat - avoiding the need to tuck it in.
  7. Add a small throw for decoration or add a pop of colour with your favourite pillow.

While there may be a few additional steps, taking the time to make your bed properly makes a real difference in your day. All that’s left to do is step back and enjoy the silky feel of fresh sheets Snoozers.

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