Creating Cosiness

Creating Cosiness

There’s something intangible about cosiness, but we know it when we feel it. When you walk into a cosy room or a space, it has the power to disarm you in the best possible way. Cosy spaces can make you feel calm, centred and nurtured. They put you at ease. They are the places you want to stay in; some of the best places on earth - especially as the colder weather approaches. So, what is it exactly that makes a space cosy, and how do you create that happy place in your own bedroom? 

We explore different ways you can give your bedroom that relaxed, inviting feeling this Autumn.


Choose an upholstered bed frame

Upholstered beds are certainly trending at the moment, and for good reason. These beds offer soft and sumptuous surfaces that add depth and texture to a room, and help create an inviting ambiance. Although often associated with luxury bedroom designs, elegant, upholstered beds can be surprisingly affordable too like our Cara bed frame.

Another combination that works well for creating a cosy space is a bed frame with an upholstery and wood combination like our Brooklyn bed frame . This mixture of textures and tones helps create an inviting, sanctuary-like space. Blending a combination of wood and upholstery gives you the best of both worlds: natural beauty and soft texture.


Make your bed

It sounds simple enough, but making your bed is pretty close to the top of the list when it comes to creating a cosy bedroom space. If you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and you’re in a rush, invest time into making your bed anyway. This simple step goes a long way to making your bedroom the cosy space you long to come back to.


Plenty of pillows

A sure-fire way of making your bedroom look and feel cosy is using plenty of pillows or cushions. You may only sleep with one or two pillows, but when it comes to lounging, relaxing and streaming your favourite series in your bedroom, creating a plush haven of pillows and cushions can certainly help make your bedroom feel more comfortable and decadent.
Euro pillows are ideal to plump up the pillow pile on your bed and add a luxurious feel.


Throws, duvets and blankets

Using a beautiful knitted blanket or textured throw in your bedroom space is about as cosy as you can get. A chunky knitted throw or a cosy blanket along with your favourite quilt and pillow combination will ensure your bedroom is snuggly, warm and welcoming.


Natural light, layered lighting, soft lamps and warm lamps

Lighting is everything when it comes to creating cosy. Ceiling lights, particularly bright ones, never seem to scream relaxation, they tend to rather make you feel like you’re being interrogated! Give yourself some options for lighting states at different times of day. Natural light can be cosy too – it may be all you need during the day.

 For evenings and darker days, soft or warm-toned bedside lamps, bed frames with in-built  LED headboard lighting,  or a feature floor lamp as alternate sources of light could be a welcome addition to your cosy haven.


Minimal can be cosy

A cosy space doesn’t have to be a crowded space. Minimalist bedrooms can be just as cosy as plush, full spaces. Reduced visual clutter is calming for the mind. A well-chosen bed frame like our Akira bed frame, with simple bedding and furnishings can help create a calm, cosy atmosphere.


Reduce clutter

Clutter is never cosy. Plan to do semi-regular tidying in your room to ensure the space remains inviting and a place in which you can relax. It might require an upfront investment of your time to initially declutter your room, but once done you will likely find you only need to do smaller maintenance tidying to keep your room looking lovely. Bed frames with gas lift storage and drawers can also help keep clutter at bay.


Go low-tech

Creating that relaxed, inviting energy can mean limiting the amount of tech in the bedroom. But what about streaming in bed? Nothing cosier than that, right? There’s nothing wrong with watching your favourite series in your bedroom, but if you can limit the work emails, and endless scrolling, it may help you feel even more relaxed within your space.


Personal touches

Choose a few books or pieces of art that are meaningful. They don’t have to be expensive, just a few personal touches that resonate with you. Could be a photograph, trinket or a cheap print from a flea market. If it’s carefully chosen and has significance to you, it can certainly add a cosy, more personal feel to your bedroom.


Indulge the senses with essential oils

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for the senses by establishing an evening bedroom ritual. A Goodnight Co. Ceramic Diffuser with a pure essential oil blend (available in-store) can take you from a regular bedroom to a haven of tranquility in seconds. Alternatively, create a cosy space by spritzing your pillow with the Goodnight Co. Sweet Dreams Mist for the ultimate way to drift off to sleep.

Add flowers to your room for colour and softness

Fresh flowers in your bedroom can add the perfect finishing touch. Use fresh flowers at any time of year to bring life and colour, and to add some natural beauty and softness to your space.

Creating cosiness in your bedroom can be done in many different ways. It doesn’t have to mean a complete style overhaul, it can be as simple as rearranging, tidying or adding a few personal touches and extra comforts. For more advice on how to create your cosiest bedroom yet, head in-store to talk to our expert team.

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