5 Timeless Bedroom Storage Ideas

5 Timeless Bedroom Storage Ideas

The bedroom is where you can recharge, relax, play and unwind. Part of making your bedroom a retreat is styling and ensuring the space is comfortable and decluttered by having bedroom storage. Not only will it reduce clutter and organise the room, but it will also help free up your mind and allow you to enjoy the space.

Read on for some unique ideas on creating perfect storage solutions that will help minimise clutter and maximise your enjoyment of the space.


Start by decluttering the bedroom

Decluttering is the first step to organising any space. It might feel daunting, especially if you’ve accumulated many things over the years. However, sorting through everything and deciding what to keep will make your bedroom organisation project much easier.

Consider what can be donated to charity or sold, and make a couple of piles. Some things like old pens and notebooks could be thrown away or recycled. Be merciless, as your room will be more usable without many unwanted items hanging around taking up space.

If you can’t bear the thought of getting rid of certain things, perhaps they need a new home. Look at items that don’t belong in your bedroom and make space for them in other areas of your house.


Think about your furniture

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s time to look around your room and decide how much storage you’ll need. Determining how often you need to access different things will help you store these items in more accessible places and pop those other items away for longer-term storage.

Start with the bed

Consider the biggest piece of furniture in your room - the bed. It is a great space-saving storage option easily accessible via under-bed drawers. These are fantastic for storing all things such as shoes, out-of-season clothes, or spare bedding and could be part of your bed frame or a separate unit.

Next, bedside tables

Moving on from the bed, turn your attention to your bedside tables. They’re great for everyday items like phone chargers, journals, jewellery, reading books, or a mindfulness journal. Some drawer dividers will help keep them organised, as bedside tables can be prone to clutter.

Additional furniture

If you have extra room, consider some furniture to add to your storage. Blanket boxes make a great addition as they provide a space for storage and can function beautifully as a window seat to perch on and read or enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea.


Get creative with spare space

Now that you’ve taken care of the big things, it’s time to consider bedroom space-saving ideas for areas you may not have considered.

If it’s deep enough, a stack of books on the windowsill is a great way to display some of your favourites while keeping them neat. You can add a plant or a few decorative items to make the most of the space.

Besides under-bed drawers, baskets can work nicely in the space and look great if styled to suit the rest of your bedroom decor. Use bright colours if this works with the space, or use wicker or rattan accents for a more understated and classic style.

Storage doesn’t always need to be utilitarian, and by making it part of your wider bedroom ‘story’, you’ll create a coherent space that speaks to your unique style and personality.

Use wall space

Hooks are an easy way to avoid the ‘floordrobe’ and hang those clothes up that you need within easy reach - perfect for things like jackets or even your dressing gown. They come in many styles, from minimalist to decorative, so have fun!

Don’t forget about shelves as bedroom wall storage, as it’s a simple way to add extra storage without sacrificing floor space. Floating shelves make a great place to display keepsakes, books, or small boxes of treasures.


Tips to keep your storage organised

Even the best storage ideas for bedrooms can fall short if they aren’t properly organised. To keep your bedroom storage working in the long run, have a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Make your storage solutions easy to navigate by investing in dividers. They keep things neat by clearly marking where everything should go, especially when there are many fiddly or small items. 

For items on high wardrobe shelves, in larger storage boxes, or suitcases, make an itemised list of what’s in each. You can have this list on your phone or as a physical list in a drawer that’s easy to access. You could also use labels on your storage boxes or choose clear plastic boxes or wire baskets to make it easier to find things later.

Whatever you do, if you put a system in place from the beginning, it’ll make it much easier to keep things tidy in the long term.

Organising your bedroom can give you real satisfaction as you make the space work for you. Also, making your storage solutions part of the room’s overall design can lift it and make it a peaceful, beautiful hideaway to recharge.

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