New Year, New Bed

New Year, New Bed

There’s nothing quite like a new year to inspire personal reinvention. Whether it’s the idealistic notion of a fresh start, or the chance to put the past behind us and move forward with fresh vigour; the momentum to make big changes at the turn of each year is real. So, why not make the most of it? 

Just like spring cleaning, rethinking your bedroom space can have a wonderful effect on your general sense of wellbeing. When we get busy in life, it’s easy to get used to the way things are from a functional point of view. Making even minor changes to our daily routine or our living spaces can help reignite our spark. As our tastes change, it’s important to realign ourselves with the styles that resonate. We’ve put together a collection of fresh bedroom trends for 2024 to give you some new year, new bed inspiration.


Low Bed Frames

In line with the minimalist ethos, low bed frames promote clean lines and reduced visual clutter. This style of bed works especially well in smaller rooms as they take up less vertical real estate and give the illusion of more free space. Reduced details free the room from distraction and the extra visual space can help make the room feel more calm and relaxed.

If you are going for simplicity or a contemporary design, consider a low bed frame for a change of outlook.


Curvy Furniture

For some time, curved architecture has been making quite the comeback. Now, furniture, including bedroom furniture, is following suit. Soft, rounded edges replace block-style square frames and offer a softer, more flowing look.

Bed frames with elegant curves like our Bower bed frame can provide visual relief by offering a distinctive style, gentler ambience and a welcome point of difference.


Functional Furniture

Modern living requires a modern bedroom. That’s where functional furniture comes in. Now that most of us are using our bedroom for far more than just sleeping in, it needs to be fit for purpose. The bedroom is a place where we take refuge, enjoy the decadent comfort of streaming our favourite series in bed, or squeezing in that last bit of work before we switch off for the night.

Functional furniture comes in many different forms but when it comes to beds, a functional bed frame can provide anything from additional technology such as in-built LED lighting and USB charging ports, to bookcase shelving or desks. Take our Mondial Study bed frame for example, a sleek design with the added benefit of a desk surface on the reverse side of the frame. Late evening video call with London? No problem. Slink out of your bed, put on your best blazer and you’re ready to step into the boardroom.


Unique Bookshelves

Gone are the days we have to employ large-scale bookshelves within our bedroom space. With many of us listening to, or reading our books digitally, bulky bookcases may no longer be needed in some households, certainly within the bedroom space. Using shelf space in the headboard of your bed frame allows you to select books that have special meaning or are aligned with your space stylistically. These books can be displayed and featured within the bed frame such as our Aspen Feature bed frame, reducing the need for extra furniture in the bedroom and freeing up space while allowing you to personalise the look of your bed.

Whether you redesign your whole bedroom with a brand new suite or just update the bed frame itself, a change can bring with it a zest to re-engage with your living space. For more style ideas shop our bed frames or visit us in-store for help choosing your brand new bedroom look.

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