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Bedroom Makeover

The sun is warm, the beach beckons and the nights are long. It must be summer! A new season is always a great time to give your bedroom a makeover and summer is no different. Colours are bright, curtains have a new purpose and your bed is the place for afternoon naps. Here are 5 tips to help bring the warmth and fun into your bedroom!

#1 Update Colour

The colour in your bedroom really dictates the feel and style, so it’s important to get it just the way you like it. For a summer bedroom, it’s time to paint over brown, burgandy and purple. A summer bedroom is full of terrific brights like yellow, blue, green, red and orange. Think burnt orange sunsets, blue oceans, swaying palm trees and, of course, the bright yellow sun. Try a bright feature wall with three white walls, or keep your walls white and add colour with a fabric headboard, new curtains or a soft rug your bare feet will love.

#2 Refresh your quilt and quilt cover

If you’re still using your winter quilt, it might be time to update to a lighter, summer quilt like the Snooze Cotton Quilt. And if you’re quilt cover doesn’t make you think of the sparkling blue ocean, soft, soft sand or hazy blue sky, you might like to buy a new one.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a new quilt cover can make a huge difference in your bedroom. Look for blues and yellows, stripes and dots, bright patterns and bold prints.

It’s summer, be brave!

#3 Curtain talk

Summer means warmth and, sometimes – like when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, this isn’t good.

So during summer your curtains need to work double time. Not only should they look fabulous, they need to block out the sun during the day. Alternatively, keep your curtains light and breezy and add a sunproof blind. Pull it down during the day then raise it at night, open your window, and let the cool air in.

#4 Key Lighting

Lights aren’t just about helping you to read at night. They should be part of the style story in your bedroom. And, in a summer bedroom, the style should be bright and breezy. Yellow lampshades add an instant splash of summer while low-hung pendants in white add a touch of class. Floor lamps are also a great option as they’re a style statement and a mood-maker. Look for something bright and bold, like a red retro lamp or a yellow anodised lamp.

#5 Winter Storage

In Summer you can store all those thick, heavy coats and jackets that take up a heap of space in your wardrobe. You might also like to put your winter quilt and wool blankets away too. If your wardrobe is already full and your linen cupboard is overflowing, you might like to think about a bed with storage. At Snooze, we have beds with drawers in the base as well as gas lift options.

Of course, if you don’t need to update your bed, have a look at our underbed storage drawers or blanket box. Not only are these great pieces of bedroom furniture they’re also instant clutter-clearers.

For more fabulous inspiration on how to style your bedroom, check out our gorgeous collection of bedroom styles online including Country & Coastal. You can also check out our Summer Bedroom board on our Pinterest page, which has a wonderful collection of summer bedroom pins!

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