Springtime is a great time for a spring clean

Springtime is a great time for a spring clean

Springtime is a great time to do a major clean up and a bit of reorganising in your child’s bedroom. But, of course, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. And, if your child is old enough, you might be thinking they should do it themselves! After all, if they’re capable of making the mess, they should be capable of cleaning it! So we’ve created a 10-point checklist to help you (or them!) get through your spring cleaning.

#1 Play some music

The first thing to do is select some music that you love as everything is more fun when you do it to music! Choose something energetic with great beats rather than music that's slow and chilled out. Put it on then pump up the volume! Warning: Be prepared for a bit of air guitar with the broom or duster.

#2 Windows and curtains

Open the windows and let the fresh spring air in while you clean up. Take down the curtains and put them through the wash then clean the windows with a good glass cleaner. To avoid streaks, use paper towel or an old newspaper. Clean the inside and the outside till the glass sparkles!


#3 Bed, sheets and bedding

Strip the bed down to just the mattress. Put the protectorbed sheetsquilt cover and pillowcases through the wash. If you can, wash the quilt or have it dry-cleaned. If not, hang the quilt on the clothesline and give it a bit of a shake up with a broom. Be prepared for a lot of dust and dust mites! When you hang them up to dry, consider whether it’s time to purchase new sheets or bedding. Remember, you can’t wash your mattress but you can wash a mattress protector so it’s important the protector is doing its job!

#4 Mattress and pillows

This is a good opportunity to rotate or flip the mattress, which should be done every six months to prolong the life of the mattress. If you can, carry your mattress outside and hang the pillows on the clothesline. Give them a few gentle whacks with a broom to shake up some of the dust and dust mites that have been there over winter. Of course, if the mattress or pillow is looking a bit battered, lumpy or old, it might be time to consider buying a new one. It’s important that your child sleeps on a good mattress with a good pillow that offers the right support for their needs.


#5 Under the bed

When you look under the bed, be prepared for anything! That missing sock, an apple core, hair ties, enough dust to fill a large jar, crumbs, even a few gold coins. If you store items under the bed, you might like to consider some under bed storage drawers to keep everything neat and tidy. Move the bed, if you can, and vacuum the floor. Wipe down the skirting boards and any scuff marks on the wall.


#6 The wardrobe

This is a good time to look at every item in the wardrobe and determine if it still fits, if it still gets worn or if it’s worn out. Get two large garbage bags and label them: 1. Op shop. 2. Bin. Remove all the shoes from the bottom of the wardrobe and vacuum, dust and wipe down the inside of the wardrobe. Once you’ve discarded what is no longer needed, put everything back in neatly. Arrange clothes on hangers in clothing groups. e.g. t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and dresses. Make sure all the hangers face the same way and that buttons are done up on shirts and coats so they don’t slip down. If you have space at the top of the wardrobe, think about storage boxes so the top of the wardrobe looks neat too.


#7 Stuff, stuff and more stuff

Look around at all the items in the room. Is everything still used? Still loved? Still needed? Again go through everything and sort unwanted items into an op shop bag and a bin bag. Make sure the items your left with can be stored somewhere; on a bookshelf, under the bed (in under bed storage drawers), in the wardrobe (in matching storage boxes) or in a storage unit. If you can’t find a spot for everything, you may need to store some items (such as board games and large toys) in another room.

#8 The walls


It’s a great idea to sugar soap the bedroom walls at least once a year. Of course, if it hasn’t been done for a while, painting the walls is also a good option. Once you’ve cleaned (or painted!) the walls, reconsider what’s actually on the walls. Are the photos, school drawings or art work looking old and faded? Perhaps you could rearrange them, reframe them or look at putting something new and fresh on the walls, like a simple wall mural.

#9 Dust and vacuum

Now it’s time to dust every surface, followed by vacuuming. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum bag or barrel before you begin. Dust the light fittings, lamp shades, the walls and the skirting boards, then wipe down with a gentle cleaning spray and soft cloth.

#10 Rehang the curtains

Iron the curtains so they’re crease-free then rehang them. Pull them to the side with bright coloured tassels or tie them in a loose knot, so more sunshine is let in to your child’s bedroom during spring.

Your child’s bedroom should now look amazing and be wonderfully clean. Print out this article so you can use again next spring! If you’re interested in looking at a new bed for your child, including beds with storage, check out part of our range online or visit your local Snooze store today.

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