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Personalise a bed, unique to you with the bedBUILDER®

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine what your bed would look like if you could bring it to life. The Snooze bedBUILDER® allows you to create the bed you’ve always imagined, with beautiful bespoke options available at each step. From an extensive range of Australian-made headboards and bases to an inspirational library of Warwick upholstery fabrics and painted stains and finishes, the bedBUILDER® provides everything you need to make your dream bed a reality. Once you’ve got an idea of what you wish to create, click through to bedBUILDER® and personalise your bed in four easy steps!


Any dream bedroom starts with the right bed frame, that’s why choosing a size is the first step in our bedBUILDER®. Creating a bed unique to you is about knowing your space and what you need for that space. Most of the beds available come in an array of sizes from single through to king.


Set the style for your bedroom with a customised headboard. You can choose from upholstered or beautiful timber, with an array of styles available (some with storage). See the headboard options available in the ‘Venus’ and ‘My Design’ range.


Consider the bed base that works best for you. For a ‘streamlined’ look, opt for a ‘slimline’ base. For smaller spaces, the option of a ‘gas lift’, with storage underneath the mattress or a base with spacious drawers. Learn more about our base options here.

Material and colour

It’s all about the details in this final step, complete your new, personalised bed with different textures and stains. Once you’re set on a particular style, browse through an array of colours and find one which suits you and compliments your bedroom décor. View all the available options here.

To view more on all the options available and start creating a bed unique to you, visit our bedBUILDER®. Once you’re done, you can ‘add to cart’ or print it off and bring it into your local Snooze store where the Snooze team can talk you through the dream bed you’ve created.

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