Contemporary Bed Frames

Contemporary Bed Frames

Explore our modern & contemporary beds. Choose from our sleek, simple and modern bed frames in neutral colours and textures to help create a modern, contemporary bedroom sanctuary. Complete the look with our impressive collection of bedroom furniture, bedding and quality linen.

Embrace modern design with contemporary beds

Turn your bedroom into a modern sanctuary with our collection of contemporary beds. From timber frames to upholstered designs in a range of neutral colours, these sleek, stylish beds can help breathe fresh life into your bedroom. Here’s how to transform your bedroom with a new, contemporary bed.

Enhance your sleep space with a contemporary bed

A contemporary bed frame combines modern design elements with features that boast improved comfort. Enjoy clean lines and simple styling that sets these beds apart from traditional designs. Embrace a modern aesthetic in your bedroom with a new, contemporary bed base that blends functionality and comfort with a sleek, sophisticated style.

Upholstered bed frames are a popular choice for creating a contemporary style. The plush fabric and cushioning are ideal for propping yourself up in bed to enjoy a cup of tea and a good book. They come in a range of colours from bright and bold options that speak to your personality to neutral, subdued tone to create a calm space. For those who prefer a more sleek, natural look, a timber bed frame can be a great choice.

Single, queen or king; find the right size contemporary bed for your space

The beauty of our contemporary beds is they come in a variety of sizes to suit any sleep space. From modest single beds to spacious super kings, you can continue your contemporary styling throughout all the bedrooms in your home. 

When picking the perfect size bed for your space, it all comes down to the room dimensions, personal preferences and your lifestyle. A single bed is an ideal choice for a kid’s room or a small spare bedroom. A contemporary king bed is big enough for a couple to stretch out comfortably and can easily fit any furry friends or children who may join throughout the night.

Contemporary designs with Snooze

Create a sleek, modern sleep sanctuary with a new contemporary bed frame. Combining comfort with style, our collection of simple, modern frames is available in a range of sizes to suit kids’ bedrooms through to spacious master suites. Explore our collection of contemporary beds online or head in-store to test them out for yourself.

Contemporary Style Beds FAQ

What is a contemporary bed?

Contemporary refers to key design features like sleek lines, neutral colours and natural materials. For contemporary style bedrooms, it’s best to keep ornamental trimmings to a minimum.  Contemporary bed frames are available in various styles, from upholstered to timber. 

How to make a contemporary bedroom?

A contemporary bedroom starts with a contemporary bed frame. From here, you can furnish your bedroom with additional pieces in neutral colours to create a consistent modern aesthetic. Finish your contemporary sleep space with a few finishing touches, like artwork, textiles and styling pieces.

What is considered contemporary decor?

Contemporary decor celebrates simplicity by incorporating a neutral colour palette, clean lines and natural materials. While contemporary style celebrates simplicity, it still champions contrasting pops of colour and statement pieces that have been intentionally selected for the space. Contemporary style involves balancing minimalism that’s peppered with personal touches.

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