Let's make it personal

Let's make it personal

If you’ve been in the market for a new bed frame or bedroom furniture lately, you may have discovered a whole new world of possibility regarding your next bedroom design. Gone are the days of choosing only from what you can see on the shop floor; you can now be the curator of your bedroom design. Choose from customisable headboard and base combinations, stain colours, fabric types and other additional technology features.

 Imagine the number of hours you could spend streaming your favourite Netflix shows with a wireless charger by your side, not to mention the dreamy ambience created from in-built, dimmable LED lighting.

 Fully enjoying your bedroom is not only about your bed but creating your own personal bedroom sanctuary to elevate your mind, body and mood. That means making it as comfortable as possible in both function and style.

Here are 4 ways you can make your bedroom more personal:

 1. Choose your own headboard and base combination

Like mix-and-match for your bedroom, the By Design, MyStyle and Slumberland ranges offer a selection of stylish headboard and compatible base designs. Whether you prefer an upholstered or natural bedroom look, these clever designs allow you to call the shots, making you the curator of your ideal bed.

 Enjoy the simplicity of a square leg base with your statement headboard, or get storage-savvy and pair the elegance of a buttoned headboard with a clever gas-lift storage base to help keep your bedroom space sparklingly tidy.


2. Choose your stain

You’ve designed a whole bedroom look with neutral tones to add modern chic to your contemporary bedroom design. If only you could choose a bed colour to match. 

Select the timber stain that best fits your bedroom design. We have a range of bed frames that are available in various stains. Take our By Design Feature Headboard with Classic Leg Base – you can choose from 6 different stain options.


3. Choose your upholstery fabric

Creating a definitive look in your bedroom doesn’t end with the frame itself. If you choose a bed such as our Lennox bed frame where upholstery is incorporated, you can select your preferred fabric colour or print from our premium fabric selection.


4.  Add tech

It’s hard to say exactly when the age of watching Netflix in bed began, but thankfully, there are now inclusions you can add to your bed to make this comforting pastime a little bit more convenient.

Selecting additional technology for your bed can mean wireless phone charging ports, like the one in our Mondial Study bed. Ideal for those moments when you have 10 minutes left of that cliffhanger episode, and get the dreaded 5% battery remaining message. Charge your device from the comfort of your bed while discovering what happens to your favourite TV couple.


The mood is everything in your bedroom because, as we know, bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. When you’re trying to unwind for the day, bright, overhead lighting seems counter to relaxation. Dimmable LED headboard lighting, on the other hand, helps create a restful ambience in your room. Not only can you save time fumbling for the lamp switch, but you can also save space with headboard lighting by removing the need for a bedside lamp altogether.

 The ability to play designer in your bedroom opens up the opportunity to create a space you truly love. Of course, if you love the idea of choice but need a little help to refine your vision, speak to our expert team in-store, who can offer a host of advice on great bedroom pairings and inviting colour combinations. With a little help from Snooze, you’ll want to go to your room. 

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