How to solve small bedrooms

How to solve small bedrooms

Hands up if you need more storage. Keep them up if you are currently making use of every inch of available space in your house no matter how many times you ‘declutter’. Not all of us are blessed with ample storage space in our homes, especially those living in big cities. No matter how much Marie Kondo advice you heed, clear spaces in your bedroom can sometimes seem a little out of reach.

There are certain space-invaders that can also put you at a disadvantage in the storage stakes. If you have young children, you’ll know how quickly a large volume of toys can suddenly appear out of nowhere. Or perhaps you have an avid-reader in your house who refuses to part with any of their completed books.

 Whilst living clutter-free may seem like a pipe-dream, don’t despair because there are creative ways to use concealed storage spaces in your bed and bedroom furniture, as well as a few visual tricks that can help free up your space, and your mind.

 We’ve neatly arranged a few handy hints below to help solve small bedrooms:


Use Bed frames with in-built storage

Like waving a magic, space-creating wand, beds with concealed under-bed storage have the astounding ability to make mess and clutter, seemingly just disappear.

 The perfect storage solution for adults and kids alike, large under bed cavities like the one in our Aspen bed with gas-lift base is a clever way to store less frequently used items, spare bedding, toys, books or games. In the case of the gas-lift base, these storage nooks use gas-lift hydraulics to seamlessly lift the top half or your bed so you can easily access and make good use of the available space underneath your sleep surface.

 Under-bed storage drawers are also very useful, especially for storing items such as spare bedding or towels. Simply slide that clutter away!

 Storing things in plain sight can also answer storage riddles. A stylish way to store books for example, is within the shelves of a headboard, such as the one in our Trophy bed frame. Headboard storage is ideal for appointing space to not only books, but photos, devices and keepsakes. Headboard storage can sometimes remove the need for a bookcase or bedside tables in the bedroom, freeing up extra space.


Blanket boxes

Born out of necessity, the original blanket box (or blanket chest) rose to popularity as early as the 17th century, being the only means of storage (and seating) for many households. Whilst we in 2023 have access to many more storage options than our ancestors did, the blanket box remains a relevant, not to mention stylish, storage choice.

 The blanket box, such as our Mondial blanket box can be used to store bedding, valuables and all manner of things. This blanket box is not only a streamlined way to tuck away excess belongings, but it can also provide an additional seating space in the bedroom for you to sit and ponder the day’s events.



You’ve heard of tallboys, you’ve heard of lowboys; but have you heard of slimboys? Surely the answer to adding drawer storage to smaller-style bedrooms, slimboys such as our Atlas Slimboy help tame bedroom chaos, allowing the addition of useful drawer storage using less bedroom real estate.


Choose smaller-sized beds

If you’re trying to give yourself more space in a smaller-style room, then it might be best to save the king-sized, palatial headboard for your next bedroom design. When styling a smaller bedroom, aim for contemporary, minimal or natural style beds that offer clean lines, (with bonus points for under bed storage).

 Choosing a smaller sized bed such as a double or queen can give you more clear space to use when moving around your bedroom.


Add a Mirror

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to your room and add visual depth. With the ability to reflect light in the room, this visual trick is well known in the interior design industry to help smaller spaces appear bigger than they are, by almost doubling the amount of available light.

 While it can sometimes take a little ingenuity, solving small bedrooms can be easier if you have the right tools. By thinking outside the box, you can create clean, clear spaces in your bedroom. Clear spaces can help reduce visual stimuli, in turn helping you rest more effectively, process information more readily and be more productive in your day. Discover all the secrets to clever bedroom storage at Snooze by chatting to one of our friendly team members in-store.

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