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Style notes from the set of the bold and beautiful

Fresh from our latest shoot, here is the low down on how to create a warm and expressive bedroom that combines some of the key trends for Spring/Summer 16-17.

The bedrooms were created under the talented direction of Bree Leech, interior designer, stylist and creative-at-large for DULUX. Together with our linen and brand team, she has given a fresh and modern take to our ‘Bold and Beautiful’ style collection

1. Tell us a little about what makes a bedroom, 'Bold and Beautiful'?

Bold and beautiful is really about strong, rich colors, and having the confidence to use them! It's easy to become conservative when we decorate our bedrooms, but sometimes deep colors or rich textures can create a more indulgent, restful feel.

Because of this, we tend to find the collection naturally lends itself to luxurious, glamorous looks; think velvets, moody lighting and metallic tones of bronze and brass. In many ways, this is the look where you really can push that hotel luxe style and go all out with upholstery and throws.

We’ve also noticed a new trend in bold and beautiful looks, one that’s brighter, more eclectic, and really suited to a sunnier style of bedroom.

2. What inspired the new bold and beautiful looks, like Desert Nomad

The trend towards global and natural textures has really flourished this year. Typically, the look has been quite monochromatic, but with the bedroom as our focus, we wanted to bring warmth and coziness to this trend.

DULUX Murray Red, used in our stores’ Bold and Beautiful Collection zone became our starting point. This inspired an earthier, more Australian take on the Nomad trend which, combined with Tara Pearce's photography, created a real desert feel; think Murray River/Australian Outback meets California!

We then paired this with the Dusk bed (with tall headboard) and bedside table, in ‘Smoke’. This charred shade, combined with the strong lines of this Australian made range pulled the look together. All up, it’s a great way to make bold colors like red, saffron and teal combine without clashing. Your key harmonizer? A distinctive bed in a distressed, smoky or dark timber.

To complete the look?

Woven baskets make for great, affordable wall-art and you can’t beat cacti for striking a nomadic pose. Add plenty of cane and wood and a touch of leather and job done.

3. Why go ‘artistic’?

Art can really make a space but we're also seeing it translate into textiles, with looser, brushstroke prints coming in, like this quilt set by Linen House.

This modern take on Bold and Beautiful really opens the collection up to lighter bed styles, like the beautiful, hand finished metal bed, St Germain in black which introduces a fresh, eclectic look into the Collection. The artwork is key to shaping this look, introducing colors such as coral and teal into our Bold and Beautiful palate, transforming it into a more summery and feminine space.

4. Tell us about the new pink for summer?

After a season of pale pinks and blush, which are perfect for our Shabby Chic collection, it's nice to welcome a sunnier, coral pink into Snooze. Along with teal and greeny-blues, it's a great companion color to our Bold & Beautiful Collection, helping to soften & blend the range.

5. How do you create a hotel-like level of luxury in the bedroom?

From boutique to palatial, many hotel bedrooms use an upholstered bed to pull a 5-star look together.

This one furniture piece, particularly if it has a feature headboard, can suddenly transform a bedroom from drab to fab, making it easy to land luxury.

We went for the luxurious jugular with a Deco inspired Velvet bed. Warwick have an incredible range of velvets and the beauty of a Snooze Venus bed is that it's upholstered from the ground up, so the luxe factor runs high. Opt for studs, accessorise with metallics, dim the lights, and you have the Deco look.

The resurgence of strong prints, and the more electric, Bohemian mood in fashion today, has encouraged Snooze to invite customers to choose from the entire Warwick library of upholstery fabrics. To keep the look restful, think natural brights balanced with simple muted linen in complimentary shades.


Earthy reds
Deep greens

Like Australia!

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