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5 ways to bring Summer into your bedroom

Summer is almost here, and with it comes early sunrises and late sunsets. Bliss. While most of us traditionally spend our time outdoors soaking up the sun, there is no reason why we can’t incorporate the freshness of Summer within our bedrooms too. Read on for our five ways to bring a sense of the outdoors in.

  • 1. Bright or coastal colours

  • Brighten up your bedroom by adding some colour! Don’t worry, no need to repaint or re-upholster! Stick to accessories and bed linen. Nothing says summer sun like yellow or the ocean like blue. Try complementing them with a pop of bright citrus in the form of an orange cushion or a brighter bed frame.

    2. Bring the outdoors in

    Plants are a fantastic way to bring life to an indoors space. Aside from cleaning the air we breathe indoors; they also invoke a sense of calm and well being. Green leafy plants, small or large are wonderful for the bedroom because they’re soft and dreamy as opposed to structured & jagged. Flowers, herbs, and terrariums are other ways to add some greenery or colour.

    3. Let there be light

    Open your blinds and windows to bring natural light into your bedroom. Installing higher windows or a skylight will create privacy in a space where you still want to benefit from natural light. Also, you can add bedroom mirrors - which can double the amount of light in a room by reflecting incoming light. Lastly, lighter colours reflect light and brighten up a space so opt for those, where possible.

    4. Natural materials & textiles

    Think about using natural fabrics and materials where possible - flooring, decorating items and bed frames. We love the feature grade Blackbutt timber veneer used in our My Design collection or the combination of Tasmanian oak veneer and Warwick upholstery used in our Lotus and Maxis collections.

    5. Get up early

    There are so many reasons to jump out of bed at first light. Getting up earlier allows you to fit more into your day without feeling rushed.

    That’s it, folks…now let the sunshine in!

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