Available exclusively at Snooze, the free, in store bedMATCH® system, powered by Sleep to Live, is helping take the guesswork out of:

Step 1

The bedMATCH® system will ask you and your partner some questions about how you like to sleep and any aches and pains you may have.

Step 2

Both you and your partner lie down on the bedMATCH® test bed whilst it takes a number of measurements. This system is based on years of research and was developed by some of the world's leading sleep scientists. Thanks to this process, we can help identify a selection of beds that may better suit your needs.

Step 3

The bedMATCH® system will print a profile listing a range of mattresses found at Snooze that can better suit your individual sleep needs. These will include mattresses from MySide™, as well as a selection of mattresses from top name brands such as Sealy, Tempur, Madison and Slumberland.

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