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Furniture assembly and safety

Furniture assembly

Where possible, it is recommended that you have your new furniture assembled by a professional. Your Snooze store can provide you with the details of our delivery and assembly service to avoid damaging your new furniture piece. If you wish to collect and/or assemble your furniture purchase, please ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assist you with a successful installation. Damage arising from your incorrect assembly and installation is not covered by the manufacturer warranty or your consumer guarantees.

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Centre base support

If the bed frame you have purchased has a centre support leg or legs, please check at regular intervals that it is still supporting the slat system, centre support rail or base. Bed frames that have been installed on carpet with a centre leg can compress the carpet under the weight of the frame which requires the centre support leg to be adjusted to allow for this depression under the leg over time. If the frame is relocated or moved, please ensure it is a two person lift to avoid dragging/breakage and check that the centre support leg/s is still in its correct position.

Wall-attachment system for drawers (anti-tipping

For furniture that is prone to toppling, you should install a safety/tipping strap or device that is anchored to a wall. Freestanding drawers and wardrobes can be unstable and may tip over if climbed on. It can be especially dangerous for children as climbing in drawers could cause serious injury or could potentially result in death. A wall safety/ tipping attachment system is recommended for all chests of drawers to avoid tipping and injury. It is recommended that a qualified trades person installs the attachment device to a wall with an appropriate fixing.