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Mattress Buying Guide

Be confident you're getting the right mattress

Choose the right size

Did you know a double mattress is the same length as a single mattress?
Think about who the mattress is for (i.e. a growing teenager) and always consider the size of the room.


Our Australian story

When you buy Australian Made, not only are you supporting local employment and industry, you’re also helping to retain skills – like hand finishing a mattress or hand tufting a headboard – that create lasting quality products.

Our brands

At Snooze we help take the guesswork out of buying a bed. We’ve carefully edited our range down to the five mattress brands we believe deliver the optimum range of comfort and support. But it can still get confusing. That’s why we:

  • Invest in staff training to ensure we can help you find the right bed.
  • Work closely with our suppliers to select the best fabrics and support materials.
  • Task a dedicated buying team to source the latest innovation in sleep comfort.
  • Ensure all our spring coil mattresses are made in Australia.
  • Offer the only all-brand profiling system to help take the guesswork out of buying a bed.

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