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Welcome winter to the bed room and beat the seasonal blues

Kenton Bed Frame
Baby, it’s cold why rush out of bed?Cue classical music, soft lighting, the smokiness of a wood candle, a small stack of books on a stool...oh and if you are so lucky, a small fireplace in the corner of the room. Anything really that lends itself to a ‘stay in bed all Sunday’ kinda vibe….Now, who wants to leave the bedroom and face the cold winter air when you could be warm instead?
So, we hear you ask, how do you achieve a cosy, welcoming, warm bedroom this winter? Settle in, grab a blanket and let’s start by setting the scene.

Getting in the mood

Creating a cosy sanctuary is all about the ambience, right? That mood can be determined by so many things; colours, lighting, smells, textures, and even the right music. If all the senses are evoked, then one can close their eyes (that’s when relaxation truly begins) and appreciate the feel of a comfy bed or soft, fluffy throw, or the scent of cinnamon, spices or smoky wood. It’s not only about being ‘easy on the eye’ folks - it’s essential that all the senses come into play!

The master bedroom is the most intimate room in the house and above all else it should be a sanctuary for relaxation and sleep. Ensuring that your surroundings create a sense of calm and relaxation is paramount. Lighting should be soft and warm - the right bedside lamps or strategically mounted ceiling lighting will help you get there, and if possible, dimmers are a great idea.

Paint colours (as well as bedding and artwork colours) should be carefully selected in order to set a scene of warmth and relaxation. Interestingly though, warm and relaxing can have two different meanings when it comes to colour! When considering warmer colours, try to stay away from reds and oranges, because although they’re in line with the ‘warm’ theme, they can have an energizing effect. Cooler hues on the other hand have a calming effect and as such are better suited to the bedroom. Dark colours though create a sense of warmth, so perhaps a charcoal, or dark grey blue.

A mattress topper will help with insulation - it should then be covered with a high quality cotton or linen sheet, and a flat bed sheet. A 100% cotton weave will wick moisture away from your skin, so you won’t wake up clammy, and long fibre cotton (or long staple) like a Supima makes for a noticeably softer sheet. A wool or cotton quilt in either a mid weight, or heavier wool quilt will regulate body temperature - wool fibres are naturally adapted to keeping you at a steady temperature. From here add a blanket if necessary - this layering will help you adjust as the body temperature and air temperature changes throughout the night. Layering with cushions and blankets is also a practical way to add warmth and cosiness to a bedroom.

Phone, diary, watch on bedside tableSnuggled in bed with a book and tea

In terms of colour and patterns of bedding, think soothing and calm rather than bold and loud (as mentioned earlier, this applies to wall colour also). We love charcoals and grey like the Monet ‘Exclusive to Snooze’ Quilt Cover Set by Linen House. Paired with dusty pinks, or darker colours like navy blue, soft grey provides the perfect working foundation.

You don't have to stick to plains or solid colour though - as long as colours aren't too bold and loud. We love the Marselha quilt cover by Linen House - it makes a statement that combines elegance & romance with the idea of keeping cosy over the winter months.

Surround yourself with fabrics and furnishings; texture, texture, texture

Don’t stop at bedding when thinking about adding cosiness through fabrics. Add texture and warmth (or at least the idea of warmth), wherever you can! Take wall hangings for example - one of the best interior design trends of the 70’s (along with hanging chairs and velvet bedding). Wall hangings are basically artwork with TEXTURE! Beautiful woven textile tapestries that have found their way onto the walls of many a stylish home, even the most minimalist and modern homes.

Another way to bring warmth and depth to a room is by adding a rug. Not only do they insulate and give you a warm surface to walk on when you get out of bed, but they also add personality, colour and yes, you guessed it, TEXTURE to a room!

Last, but definitely not least, is the centrepiece of the bedroom - the bed. What better way to add comfort and luxe to the bedroom than with an upholstered bed or bedhead? Once seen only in designer hotels and celebrity homes, it’s safe to say we’ve now all cottoned onto the appeal of the upholstered bedhead. Plus there is so much choice both in upholstery options and headboard shape- from velvet, ornate buttoned to square, winged bedheads in neutral linens - there is something for everyone’s tastes. Try customising your own upholstered bed with bedBUILDER®

Holding tea with winter gloves on
Flower pot on window sill

Clear the clutter

With all the talk of fabrics and texture, it’s easy to mistake cosy for chaos or clutter...but this is not the case. Minimalism is the key to calming and comfort. Take the time to clear out your cupboards, pull your winter wear to the front, move your jackets to the hallway cupboard, sort your drawers, stack your books, put stuff away! Use the bedside or a night stand as the centre piece of your relaxation nook - cozy it up with a lamp with warm light, a candle and a book….an invitation to hang out a while.

A place to recharge and refresh

Do you suffer from ‘winter tiredness’? Yes, it is actually a thing. Shorter days and less light mean a disruption to sleep patterns and an increase in melatonin produced by the brain, which makes you sleepy. While there are things you can do (see our article on wiping out winter tiredness) such as increasing your exposure to natural light and eating the right foods, just knowing that ‘winter tiredness’ exists gives us more reason to create a place where you can recharge your batteries and refresh. Whether it’s bringing the outside in with some fresh flowers or the right plants (there are some conflicting opinions on whether plants in the bedroom are ideal for sleep), or creating that relaxation nook, or burning your favourite candle….make it your mission to create your very own Snooze sanctuary this winter.

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