Snooze Tips: How to add that extra sprinkle of special to your Christmas morning!

Snooze Tips: How to add that extra sprinkle of special to your Christmas morning!

Ah Christmas morning! It’s quite possibly the most uplifting and connecting time of the year right?! Take a moment to reflect back to when you were a kid…there really was no greater excitement and joy than waking up with the wonder of what Santa had left under the tree, or the anticipation of a day of festivities shared with family and friends. Not to mention that summer holiday feeling; swimming at the beach in the afternoon, playing cricket in the yard, and staying up late, that goes hand in hand with Christmas in Australia.

Our kids carry lifelong memories of family time at Christmas; of giving and receiving, of singing, dancing and creating, and while they may eventually forget which presents they received on a particular year, they will always remember that very special feeling of Christmas morning with the family.

The Christmas morning tradition provides a fascinating look into the rituals of so many different families here in Australia.


We did a round up of some of the Snooze family traditions and put together a list of tips and stories on how to make Christmas morning especially SPECIAL and create those rituals that are carried through their childhood:

Don’t plan a sleep in!

It seems everyone tells a similar tale when it comes to wake up time – expect to be dragged out of bed before day break. The excitement is too much!

Michelle (CRM Manager) - I'm hoping my daughter sleeps in on Christmas morning but that could be a Christmas wish that doesn't come true!!

Start a breakfast tradition

Many of us remember that special breakfast that mum or dad made that is associated with Christmas morning.

Jo (Social Media Manager) - I make Christmas waffles in a waffle maker we received a couple of Christmases ago. The kids love them because they’re in the shape of animals…and they’re delicious. We eat them with summer berries and maple syrup.

Penny (Project Lead: Change & Training) - Breakfast of bacon and eggs or croissants while we wait for the rest of my husband’s family to arrive – no presents to be unwrapped until everyone is there (painful).


Leaving something for Santa on Christmas Eve

Penny - We set out a plate with carrots for the reindeer and some bickies and a beer for Santa. If there is anything specific we leave him a note (e.g. last year Lachie asked for a trampoline so we left Santa a note where we would like it set up)!

Michelle - Being a new mum I am just starting out with Christmas morning traditions for my 18 month old. This year we're planning on starting the tradition of leaving out choc chip cookies and milk for Santa and a couple of carrots for the reindeers like my parents did for me when I was younger. Then of course, showing my daughter the half eaten cookies and carrots in the morning!


Take it in turns to open gifts

Jo - We try to avoid the frenzied present opening time where wrapping gets thrown everywhere and kids go from one thing to the next! As difficult as it is, its nice to take some time to appreciate the giving and receiving, and even playing with one thing for a while before starting on the next.

Penny - Our Christmas morning starts with Santa sacks. At the end of everyone’s bed is a big sack (red velvet, Santa/reindeer pic with kid’s name personalised on it). Adults have a small red stocking (usually only get chocolate or something little from Santa).

Rebecca (Customer Experience Projects Manager) - All the presents (under a big real tree) are then distributed one at a time for everyone.


Gift some festive PJs and an ornament for the Christmas tree

Forward thinking never goes astray!

Rebecca - Kids are given an early pressie of new pjs on Christmas eve that they wear that night. It’s better for Christmas morning photos too!

Starting an ornament tradition is a great idea too – it can go straight on the tree and then be packed up for the following year too. Kids love rediscovering their special ornaments when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree the following year.


Have a happy & conscious Christmas

Donating toys during the holiday season or pre Christmas is the perfect way to get in the Christmas giving spirit! Not only does it make room for incoming toys on Christmas Day, but it teaches kids the spirit of sharing and giving to others.

Alternatively donate a new present to one of the Wishing Tree appeals that bring joy to so many families.

And before throwing out Christmas Cards, consider cutting them up and creating new present labels for next year! A creative way to get organised for the following Christmas & recycle at the same time!

Whatever way you celebrate Christmas day, may this one be the best Christmas yet. A happy and safe festive season to you all.

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