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Reasons to Spoil Yourself this Christmas

All I want for Christmas is….a good night’s sleep.

Sound familiar? The lead up to Christmas, the end of the school and working year, the stress of not having fulfilled the previous year’s resolutions, can leave you feeling, quite frankly, physically and mentally exhausted!

We all know Christmas is a time for giving and sharing with those we love, so why not keep yourself in mind this Christmas and treat yo’self with more ‘you time’. Make time for a little getaway, a day out with your friends, or a comfortable night’s sleep?

Still not convinced this is the right time to be looking after YOU? Well, read on, because we’re bringing you all the reasons you deserve to look after yourself this Christmas.

  1. The end of the year is upon us. There’s a rush to wrap things up, meet work deadlines, juggle social commitments, school holiday plans and everything else. On top of it all, it’s time to reassess and make plans for the new year. It can feel exhausting. Well, as it turns out, ‘end of year exhaustion’ is actually a thing. "Certainly end-of-year fatigue is a real phenomena," says Dr Stevenson “where signs of fatigue can include excess anxiety, daytime sleepiness and lack of satisfying sleep at night.” Advice to prevent this could include; breaking up your year with more regular holidays rather than accruing your leave, using regular exercise as a form of stress relief, and of course, ensure you’re getting a decent night’s sleep. Perhaps it could be time for that new mattress you’ve been putting off all year?Working late
  2. Let’s look at this as unselfishly as possible. Looking after (read: spoiling) yourself, makes you a better person and therefore a better parent, a better friend, better at your job, and just all round a nicer human being. This is particularly true if spoiling yourself means giving yourself a better night’s sleep! In general, the less tired you are, the less irritable and the more tolerant. When you make time in your schedule for things that are important to you, you’ll find you’re generally happier doing the things you need to do for others.

  3. It’s not healthy to put your needs last. When you’re juggling multiple roles and living a very busy life, it’s not uncommon to get run down and ignore the physical symptoms of exhaustion such as headaches, lack of sleep and anxiety. While you’re constantly ignoring signs that your body is stressed, they will only get worse. The bottom line is, when you don’t look after yourself, your health can be affected...and nothing is worth that.

    Start taking positive action now. Take breaks at work or at home, drink enough water by carrying a water bottle with you at all times, schedule at least 7-8 hours sleep and ensure you stop for a proper nutritious lunch. The end of the year is the ideal time to check in with yourself and make a plan to move forward that focuses on your health.Reflecting

  4. Take a moment to reflect on all the things that have happened this year. Above all else, you’re another year older. Perhaps your needs are getting more sophisticated or your body needs to be looked after that little bit more? If you have kids, you may find their needs are changing as they too become another year older and taller. Or maybe your family is expanding? Whether it’s an extra child, an extra pet, or just another year under your belt, it could mean an adjustment to your current situation. That could involve upsizing your bed to make room for cuddles with a new baby, or changing your healthcare to take into account those extra physio sessions you need these days, or perhaps it’s the addition of a new trampoline to the backyard to help the kids burn off some energy and give you some peace! It’s always reassuring to feel that you’re heading into the new year organised and ready to take on the world.

  5. And last but not least, you’re worth it.

    Picture this, you’re home alone, partner and/or kids are out for the day. The sun is shining and you’re looking forward to sitting down outside and eating lunch. You were going to make a delicious salad, but then decide it’s too much trouble for one person. So you settle on some toast. You also think about getting the cushions out, but it’s not worth it if it’s just for you right?

    By constantly putting yourself last, and deciding you’re not worth it, you do yourself a disservice. Not only can this repetitive message eventually become embedded in your own self esteem, but imagine the message that you send those around you when you are constantly thinking that these small things are too much of a luxury. You are worth it. And whether it’s that new luxurious SleepTailor® mattress you’ve been dreaming about, or a trip to the local day spa, we think you should spoil yourself this Christmas. After all, the best gifts come from those who know you best!

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