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Five arts and crafts activities for kids during Easter

At Snooze we love Easter Sunday. It’s the only day in the year that children and adults alike revel in an Easter egg hunt. With Easter as a theme, there are plenty of Easter DIY arts and crafts ideas to tide your little ones over these holidays. We’ve discovered five great ideas which are easy, quick and fun!

1. Easter Bunny Eggs

There is no end to creative possibilities when decorating eggs! We’re loving this idea from Little Red Window. You’ll need white craft eggs, white stiffened felt (you could also use cardstock), pink and black acrylic craft paint, hot glue and small white pom poms. Cut the ears and small feet from the white stiffened felt (or cardstock) then paint their inner ears and little feet with the pink acrylic paint using a small paintbrush. With a smaller paintbrush, paint cute little faces on the eggs using the black and pink acrylic paint. Use the hot glue to stick the felt feet to the front and bottom of the egg (ensuring they touch the table as this helps them stay up). Lastly glue a small white pom pom to the back and felt ears to the top of the egg. Voila! you now have a new, adorable addition to your mantel or shelf!

    2. Easter Bunny Paper Decoration

      Do you have any old party decorations laying around? Country Living recommend using a generic crepe paper ball to create an Easter bunny decoration. All you need is craft paper (in two different shades of pink), scissors, craft glue and black and white pom poms. Cut the craft paper in the two different shades of pink to create the bunny ears and cut out two white circles for the eyes. Then cut 6 thin strips of white paper for the whiskers and use the craft glue to stick the ears, eyes and whiskers to the crepe paper ball. Finish with a white pom pom for the nose and black pom poms for the eyes. Talk about the perfect Easter decoration!

      Image sourced from Frances Janisch

      3. Dip Dye Easter Eggs

      Vibrant and unique, these dip dye Easter eggs are the perfect arts and crafts activity! For the rundown on how to hard-boil your eggs and achieve different colour variations visit Jenna Burger Design. To create her simple dip dye effect, you’ll need your hard-boiled eggs, vinegar, food colouring and paper towels. For each colour you decide to use; mix 25 drops of food colouring with 1 teaspoon of vinegar and ½ cup of boiling water. Dip one side of the egg into the first colour for 60 seconds, remove and pat with the paper towel, then repeat the process on the other side with another colour. Repeat the process with as many eggs and colour variations as you desire, the kids will thank you!

      Image sourced from Jenna Burger Design

      4. Easter Paper Basket

      Ensure no Easter essential goes un-crafted. This arts and crafts idea from Sewing Rabbit is environmentally friendly and takes only a minute to make. All you need is 2 pieces of 12” cardstock paper (in any 2 colours), scissors, a ruler, pencil and stapler. Lay the ruler flat from one corner of the paper (diagonal to the opposite corner) and sketch a 5” straight line (repeat this for all 4 corners), then cut along the marked lines. From there pull each of the corners together to one side and staple into place. Repeat this process for each corner until you get a basket shape. Lastly cut a 3” strip of paper and staple to opposite sides of the basket and you’re done! Fill them with their favourite Easter sweets and treats and watch their faces light up with joy.

      Image sourced from Sewing Rabbit

      5. Easter Decoration with Pom Pom Bunnies

      Nothing quite says Easter more than a decoration with pom pom bunnies. Download the Easter bunny template from Clean and Scentsible and print to your desired size. To create the pom pom bunny tails according to Clean and Scentsible; wrap baker’s twine around 2 of your fingers approximately 25 times. Carefully slide off your fingers (making sure you don’t let it unravel), wrap tightly around the middle and tie. Cut the rounded ends of the twine and trim down to your desired size. Fray the twine and fluff into a half sphere. Stick each of the individual bunnies to a piece of string with glue or double-sided tape and you’re ready to go!

      Image sourced from Clean and Scentsible

      Hopefully the above has got you covered when it comes to crafting with the little ones this Easter season. Hoppy crafting!



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