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Father’s Day gift ideas by Snooze.

Father’s Day is a great day to show your dad how much you love him. This year, instead of buying him the regulation socks, jocks or aftershave, visit Snooze because we have fantastic gift-giving ideas. The best part is, these gift ideas aren’t just new and exciting, we think your dad will actually use them! After all, when was the last time your dad bought himself a fresh, new pillow or a soft quilt? Check out these 5 great Father’s Day gift ideas from Snooze then head into your local store. Hurry, it’s not long now!

#1. A New Pillow

It’s probably hard to imagine your dad heading out to buy himself a new pillow, so this is a great idea for a gift. But we’re not talking about any pillow here, we’re talking about a quality memory foam pillow. What makes it different to other pillow fillings is that it is pressure sensitive. This means it moulds itself to your head, neck and shoulders to help provide a restful sleep. Choose a medium profile or high profile, and throw in a pillow protector too!

#2. A New Mirror

Just like a new pillow, a new bedroom mirror is probably the last thing your dad would shop for, yet he’d probably use it every day! Does he need one on the back of his door? Over a chest of drawers? Or would he prefer a free-standing mirror so he can see his full reflection. Then again, perhaps he’d make more use of a mirror hanging in the hallway or just inside the front door, so he can check his tie or top before he walks out the door. Remember, mirrors aren’t just to check reflections, they’re also a great statement piece so try to get one that would look fabulous in your dad’s bedroom!

#3. A New Mattress

Does your dad get up in the morning and complain about a sore back? Is his mattress almost as old as you? Then a new mattress would make a fantastic gift for Father’s Day. Of course, a good quality mattress isn’t flat-packed so it needs to be ordered, made and delivered. But you can always gift wrap a photo of the mattress or put the photo in a frame and give that to your dad. If you’re not sure what mattress would suit your dad, read our Mattress Buying Guide, which may help.

#4. A New Quilt

If your dad has a dozen ties, a nice watch, two bottles of aftershave and a pair of headphones, perhaps you should consider getting him a new quilt. Now that spring is here, he might sleep better with a lighter quilt, like the Snooze Cotton Quilt. For an extra surprise, pick out a stunning quilt cover to go with it so all he has to do is roll it out, fluff it up, then hop under it.

#5. A New Bed

Imagine your dad’s face on Sunday morning if you gave him a new bed? It would be priceless. Of course, a good quality, Australian made bed, like the My Design or Jasper range from Snooze, needs to be ordered, made and delivered, so it wouldn’t be ready by Sunday. But you could definitely order it and show it to him on a tablet. He’ll be counting down the days till delivery! For more fantastic Father’s Day gift ideas, visit for your local Snooze store!

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