Snooze is proudly partnering with The Smith Family

Through our partnership with The Smith Family, every Snooze store is supporting the education of an Australian child in need. The Smith Family is a national children’s education charity, providing young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds with the extra tools and resources they need to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

The disadvantage experienced by the 1.2 million young Australians living in poverty today* not only impacts their life at home; it also adversely affects their education, and often, the direction of their lives.

To help break the cycle of poverty and enable young people to fulfil their ambitions, The Smith Family supports young Australians at every step of their educational journey, from early childhood through to the completion of their studies. The Smith Family works with parents and carers as well to help them play an active role in supporting their child’s education.

*ACOSS/UNSW Poverty Overview Report, 2020.

Joining forces to help Australian children realise their true potential

All funds raised by Snooze and our customers will support The Smith Family’s flagship Learning for Life program, which is helping more than 58,000 young Australians to overcome their circumstances by providing long-term support for their education in three distinct ways.

 The Smith Family provides financial support for school essentials, like uniforms and books. They provide access to additional learning and mentoring programs – tailored to each child’s individual needs. And they match each child with a dedicated team member at The Smith Family to help them get to school, stay at school and go on to further training or work.

This proven three-pronged approach is equipping these children with the motivation, resilience and life skills they need to complete their schooling and go on to better futures.

Helping to create better futures through education

By investing in a child’s education, we can help them break the cycle of disadvantage.

 In 2020-21, almost 180,000 children and young people participated in Smith Family programs in 90 communities across Australia.

 The Smith Family has partnerships with 736 partner schools attended by Learning for Life students.

21.7% (12,578) of students sponsored on The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Snooze is absolutely delighted to be joining forces with The Smith Family to help Australian children break the cycle of poverty and realise their true potential.

Would like to help? Donate to The Smith Family and help young Australians create better futures for themselves via education. Donations can be made on the cart along with your purchases.

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