Give a sheet® for the planet

In 2023, Snooze in partnership with BlockTexx and Select-O-Pedic was proud to launch the Snooze Linen Recycling Project. This two month trial was active in participating Queensland metro Snooze stores as well as Tweed Heads.

The Snooze journey for a more sustainable planet is just beginning. We are working hard with social enterprises, organisations, manufacturers and suppliers to improve the rate of landfill. And the Snooze Linen Recycling Project is testament to this. Consumers who donated their preloved and laundered fitted sheets, flat sheets, quilt covers and pillow slips were rewarded with 30% off Snooze Branded linen on the day.

The results were positive within the 14 Snooze metro based stores with consumers donating almost 100kgs of preloved linen. So a big thank you to the participating stores and to the customers who cared enough to donate their linen.

The linens were collected and given to Blocktexx. BlockTexx is Australia’s first textile recovery business which turns textile waste into a valuable resource. Using their Separation of Fibre Technology (S.O.F.T) process, BlockTexx separates the polyester and cotton materials back into raw materials. The recovered PET is polymerised to create virgin-quality rPET plastic pellets - PolyTexx® - suitable for use in injection moulding, packaging, building products and textiles.

These Australian companies united to help divert textile waste from landfill and into sustainable products. Our aim is to continue to partner with these Australian companies so consumers can donate preloved linens at more Snooze stores. We will be announcing the next phase of this project in 2024.

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