Caring For Specific Fabric And Finishes

Woven Upholstery Fabrics

Should a thread become loose from fabric, cut it off. Under no circumstances should it be pulled. The general cleaning of upholstery fabrics is often difficult and best left to specialists. Refer to the care label for cleaning instructions. Dirt and dust will increase fabric wear and dull colours, this is best removed using the appropriate vacuum cleaner fabric attachment. Never use harsh brushing and be careful to avoid sharp objects to prevent snagging of threads (eg. Toys, rings, shoe buckles, belts, heels). Do not allow pets to climb on furniture.

Melamine, Vinyl and Foil Finishes

Dust or wipe with a damp non-abrasive cloth. Liquid spills should be immediately wiped up to avoid penetration of joints. Avoid scratching and knocking.


Use appropriate specialist glass cleaner and avoid scratching or knocking particularly with jewellery. Mirrored or glass doors should be adjusted very carefully, take care not to over tighten fittings as this may cause glass to crack.

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