Bedding Buying Guide

Why is bedding important?

We suggest using the correct fitting mattress protection and sheets for the mattress you have purchased. Some modern mattresses can be thicker than older style mattresses. Each mattress can vary in height and it is important that the bedding fits correctly. Bedding that is too tight may cause the mattress to perform and feel different to the demonstration model you tried in store.

Mattress protection and sheets come in all different sizes, heights and materials. When not using the best fit possible for your mattress, it can alter the overall feel and comfort of the mattress. If you experience the mattress being firmer than the demonstration model or you feel the sensation of “rolling in” or “rolling out”, it may be due to a “drum-like” tension on the top of the bed from using bedding that is too tight.

Please keep in mind the use of under blankets, comforters and electric blankets can alter the feel of your mattress and therefore your experience. If you are concerned about the performance of your mattress, and you are using any of these bedding items, we suggest trying your new mattress without these additions and see if there is a difference in how your mattress feels.

The warmth rating of your bedding may have an effect on the temperature of your sleeping environment while on your mattress. If you are a warmer sleeper, using bedding with features that allow it to breathe better or bedding with a cooler warmth rating may assist in keeping you more comfortable while sleeping.

Mattress height Mattress protector & sheet depth
15cm – 25cm 30cm wall depth (minimum)
25cm – 35cm 40cm wall depth (minimum)
35cm and above 50cm wall depth (minimum)

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