The beginning

The first ever Snooze store was established in 1974 under the name ‘Capt’n Snooze’. It was one of Australia’s first bedroom specialist stores, shaking up the industry with its exceptional customer service and product range.

The middle

2006 was a big year – the stores and the brand underwent a makeover, rebranding from ‘Capt’n Snooze’ to simply ‘Snooze’. Snooze then joined Greenlit Brands, adding a new dimension to the Snooze brand, with access to additional expertise, exposure and opportunities.


Snooze now has over 80 stores throughout Australia, enjoying great buying power and giving customers the very best value and professional advice on a wide range of beds and furniture.

Backed by a global bedding specialist retailer

We’re proudly owned by Hypnos, Australia’s largest vertically-integrated bedding and bedding furniture retailer, consisting of Snooze, FutureSleep and G&G Furniture.

Top 10 franchise award winner

Since 2010, the Snooze brand has been recognised in the Top Franchise ‘Top 10’ awards. In 2016, Snooze won first place in the brand category.

A leader in the marketplace

In terms of mattress sales, Snooze is in the top 3 in Australia. In the mattress and bedroom furniture market combined, Snooze is in the top 5.


Product & Sales Training

IT Training & Support


Multi Sites Opportunities

Exclusive Products

Annual Conference

Financial Benchmarking

Negotiation Assistance


We sat down with some of our franchise partners to find out what it's like being a Snooze franchise partner.


Why Franchising?

Why Snooze?

Do I need retail experience?

What are the set up fees and costs?

How much training will I receive?

Can I own more than one Snooze store?

Snooze understands it can be challenging to decide which franchise to buy into. Click on the links below to learn more about our tips on how to make an informed choice.
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