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Mattress Recycling at Snooze

At Snooze, we understand the importance of sustainability and leaving a positive impact on our community.

Doing our bit.

We’ve partnered with Soft Landing, a social enterprise who offer mattress recycling services in Australia. Soft landing are focussed on community well-being and protection of the environment through job creation and diversion of waste materials from landfill, recovering the components to recycle. Soft Landing offer collection & pickup in NSW, WA, ACT and Victoria. New services areas rolling out soon.

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Who are Soft Landing?

Soft landing is a national social enterprise across Australia. Through a mattress recycling process, materials from waste mattresses such as foam, timber and metal, are diverted from landfill and re-used, contributing to a greener Australia. Soft Landing also provide employment pathways and training to people in the community who experience barriers entering the open labour market.

Recycle Your Mattress

Soft Landing recycles up to 75% of all mattress components


Recycled into products such as Roof Sheeting.


Recycled into carpet underlay.


Recycled into weed matting and mulch.


Recycled into kindling, mulch and animal bedding.


Current R&D into waste to energy and other end-use products.

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Soft Landing's Objectives

Employment opportunities

Providing access to sustainable employment and training can result in improved economic wellbeing, better social, physical and mental health, reduced substance abuse, more secure housing and less abuse and neglect – outcomes that help build a safe, productive community.

Protecting the environment

Salvaging metal, foam and timber from mattresses diverts thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill annually. Every 10 tonne of materials is equivalent to:

  • Taking four cars off the road permanently.
  • Providing enough electricity to annually power 14.5 households.
  • Saving enough water to fill 3.5 average backyard pools.


Soft Landing works with councils across each state to overcome illegal dumping, as well as servicing residents and our retail and manufacturing partners.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary between location and whether you choose to drop off or have your mattress collected. You can view the prices at the Soft Landing website here.

Pricing Information

What can I do with my mattress if Soft Landing is not available in my area?

Some local councils offer mattress collections. If your local council doesn’t offer this service your local Snooze store may be able to arrange mattress removal for you. Please check with your local store to see if they can assist.

What happens with my old mattress?

Soft Landing recycle up to 75% of all mattress components including the steel springs, foam and timber. You can read more about where the parts of your mattress will go here.

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