Pillowtop Mattresses

Pillowtop Mattresses

Browse our pillowtop mattresses. We're here to help take the guesswork out of the finding the right pillowtop mattress for you. At Snooze, we have an extensive range of beds online and in-store with a pillowtop surface to help improve your comfort as you sleep.

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Your guide to the festive season

Living a healthy and mindful lifestyle is all about consistency and maintaining balance, especially when it comes to food, drink, sleep and stress management. The trick is to achieve that balance without missing out on the good times. Ah (sigh), if only it were so easy. Well, we all know that the busy festive season is abound with opportunities to over-indulge or stay up late, and that can potentially wreak havoc with balance if you’re not mindful. However, by paying attention, (non judgmentally of course), to what we’re eating, drinking and to whether we’re getting enough sleep, an awareness should prevent us from consistently going overboard and regretting our choices. Being in the right head space, should also make it easier to get those Xmas tasks done, without leaving everything to the last minute. Here’s a few things to be mindful of during the festive season that should hopefully make for smoothly sailing through the silly season.

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