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Maximise your storage with a dresser

Bedroom dressers are more than a storage solution - they can also be a great design piece to complement your bed and bedside tables, creating a cohesive look for your bedroom. They also provide ample space to keep your clothes, socks and other clutter away and out of sight. Before you buy, here are a few things that will make finding the perfect dresser a breeze.

Consider the different sizes of dressers for a bedroom

When choosing a dresser for your bedroom, there are two things to consider: the size of your space and the amount of storage you need. Plenty of options suit all space needs - from a 6 drawer dresser to 12 drawer dressers. A bigger dresser is perfect for more storage but will also take up more space in your bedroom. On the other hand, a smaller, low-dresser is perfect for tight squeezes. The key is to balance what works for you and your space.

Complement your space with your bedroom dresser style

The dresser’s beauty is in its versatility, thanks to the various styles and materials available. One popular option is a dresser with a mirror, providing storage and a place to get ready or apply your skincare at night. For those who love a more rustic look, wood dressers add a touch of warmth and character to your room. Plus, they come in a range of finishes. If you prefer a modern style, go for a white dresser. Not only are they easy to match with your bedroom furniture, but they also create a fresh feel to your room.

 Regardless of your design taste, consider the overall aesthetic of your bedroom and choose a dresser style that complements it. You can find a dresser that meets all your storage needs from there.

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Bedroom dresser FAQ

What is the difference between a dresser and a wardrobe?

The main difference between a dresser and a wardrobe is that a wardrobe has space for hanging clothes rather than folding everything into drawers. Dressers are typically lower in design, with multiple drawers to store items like pants and socks. Wardrobes can be described as taller pieces of furniture with doors, perfect for storing dresses, jackets, shoes and other accessories.

What size is a bedroom dresser?

Dressers come in all different shapes and sizes. On average, dressers tend to have heights between 76 - 127cm, a depth of 45-60 cm and a width between 76 - 187cm. However, remember this can vary depending on the style and design.

How many dressers should you have in a bedroom?

Most bedrooms will have one main dresser or a pair of smaller ones. However, the number of dressers you need can depend on your storage needs and room size. There’s no rule regarding your bedroom design - after all, your bedroom should be a space you love!

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