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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the set up fees and costs?
    As there are many variables when purchasing a Snooze Franchise, such as the type of store (new or existing), the location (regional or metro) and the size of the store, we prefer to discuss each opportunity on a case-by-case basis. Enquire now if you’d like to discuss this particular aspect in more detail.

    2. Do I need retail experience?
    As we provide training and support to cover all aspects of operating a Snooze franchise, all you need is a positive outlook, a passion and ability for dealing with people (customers and staff), and a committed attitude.

    3. How much training will I receive?
    We provide a minimum four-week training program, which includes in store training at an existing Snooze store, and formal training at the Snooze Support Centre. This training covers all operation aspects of a Snooze franchise including computer and financial systems, marketing, compliance, small business management, merchandising, supplier training and sales skills.

    4. Can I own more than one Snooze store?
    Absolutely. Many of our current Franchise Partners own more than one Snooze store.

    5. Am I required to work in the store?
    We highly encourage our Franchise Partners to work in their store or stores as it’s their involvement and commitment that can contribute to their success. We’ve noted, anecdotally, that the most successful Snooze stores are the ones where the Franchise Partner is actively involved in the day to day running of their store or stores.

    6. Can I expect a good work/lifestyle balance?
    This is entirely up to you. Many of our Franchise Partners work fulltime, while some work part-time. A few of our Franchise Partners employ members of their family (partners, adult children, and siblings) so they see more of their family than they did in their previous jobs.

    7. How much can I expert to earn?
    This is a hard one to predict. While earnings are based on many factors including the size and location of a store, they’re also affected by the attitude of each Franchise Partner, their work ethic, and their commitment to following the Snooze business model. To achieve financial success, Franchise Partners should be prepared to work hard and have a positive attitude.

    8. Do I have to pay for advertising?
    Every Snooze Franchise Partner contributes to our marketing & advertising fund. We also encourage our Franchise Partners to participate in local area marketing with the support, guidance and expertise from our in-house marketing team.

    9. What sort of advertising does Snooze implement?
    Our yearly marketing & advertising campaigns cover national television and radio commercials, digital catalogues and advertisements, videos, website updates, social media and local area marketing. Our digital team also invests in website analytics and SEO to ensure the Snooze brand is prominent in the digital space.

    10. Can I become a Snooze Franchise Partner in my own state?
    Yes, as long as there is a Snooze store for sale in your state, or there is a location we feel is appropriate for a new Snooze store. Contact franchising@snooze.com.au to discover if there is a Snooze franchise opportunity near you.

    11. Can me and my spouse/partner become joint Franchise Partners?
    Absolutely. Many of our Franchise Partners are married/partners. We also have stores owned by siblings, parent/child teams and close friends.

    12. Is there any literature provided by the Australian Government about franchising?
    Yes, if you go to our Further Reading page, you’ll discover many websites, including government websites that offer objective information and advise on franchising.



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