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{ "PageData": { "Name": "Lewis Tallboy", "Breadcrumbs": [ { "Name": "Bedroom Furniture", "Url": "/Bedroom-Furniture" }, { "Name": "All Products", "Url": "/Bedroom-Furniture/Products" } ], "PageMainImage": null, "Story": "Featuring a unique, lightly distressed finish, the Lewis tallboy with three full drawers and two half drawers is a great way to help keep their bedroom clutter-free.", "StoryImageURL": "/getmedia/e0468962-85da-4b6e-976a-714378f8f0eb/Snooze_Logo_Brow.svg?ext=.svg", "CampaignDateStart": "16/10/2017", "CampaignDateEnd": "12/11/2017", "CampaignStickerLabel": "", "CampaignOneLiner": "", "CampaignIsMemberEvent": false, "IsMemberEvent": false, "CampaignMemberEventColour": null, "IsMySideProduct": false, "MainSKUNumber": "SNZ-13118" }, "PriceDrivenData": [ { "Size": null, "Variants": [ { "PromotionPriceDetail": null, "SKUNumber": "SNZ-13118", "ProductName": "Lewis Tallboy 5 Drawer", "Colour": { "Guid": "f2dc1b65-5fa9-42fc-aed0-87a4af29e844", "Id": 648, "Name": "Barley", "SwatchURL": null, "Hex": "#97724F", "RGB": "rgba(86, 46, 16, 1)", "SKUGUID": "16117d7f-8315-4897-87da-1af8a2a2a8c7" }, "OriginalPrice": 949.0, "SKUGuid": "16117d7f-8315-4897-87da-1af8a2a2a8c7", "SKUId": 129542, "IsAustralianMade": false, "OriginCountry": "Indonesia", "Brand": "G&G Furniture Imports Pty Ltd", "Materials": [], "Types": [ "Timber Style", "Chest of Drawers", "Tallboy" ], "Range": "Lewis", "Dimension": { "Height": "111cm", "Width": "88cm", "Depth": "45cm" }, "Weight": null, "BedBaseType": null, "QuiltWeight": null, "PillowProfile": null, "HeadboardShape": null, "CareInfo": { "Guid": "9fe90bca-92da-4a4f-b9d5-122c2e60457e", "Id": 16, "Name": "General Care", "Description": "Care Instructions will be provided with each product in your delivery or upon pickup." }, "LeadTimeDelays": false, "LeadTimeText": "Estimated to be ready for pickup/delivery in 2 to 3 weeks", "IsAssemblyRequired": true, "AssemblyPrice": 95.0, "SKUImages": [ { "GalleryThumb": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "GGF1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005", "Id": "04802dd9-d59b-4555-a945-c15cb21f5a4b", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ThumbnailLarge/ggf1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005.png", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ThumbnailLarge", "Title": "GGF1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005", "Url": "/Snooze/media/sets/skuimage/Square/ThumbnailLarge/ggf1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005.png" }, "Detail": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "GGF1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005", "Id": "04802dd9-d59b-4555-a945-c15cb21f5a4b", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ProductDetail/ggf1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005.png", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ProductDetail", "Title": "GGF1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005", "Url": "/Snooze/media/sets/skuimage/Square/ProductDetail/ggf1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005.png" }, "Zoom": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "GGF1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005", "Id": "04802dd9-d59b-4555-a945-c15cb21f5a4b", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Wide/ProductDetailZoom/ggf1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005.png", "Purpose": "Wide", "SizeName": "ProductDetailZoom", "Title": "GGF1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005", "Url": "/Snooze/media/sets/skuimage/Wide/ProductDetailZoom/ggf1201_lewis_tallboy_5drw_hero0005.png" }, "IsMainSKU": true, "IsPageMainImage": false, "IsSKUMainImage": true, "IsSKUHoverImage": false, "IsAdditionalImage": false } ] } ] } ], "PriceDrivenMySideData": null }

The Lewis

Made from solid pine timber and veneers, the Lewis tallboy is hand-finished in Barley stain to achieve a lightly distressed finish.

With a classic design and unique finish, the Lewis tallboy is the perfect combination of quality features and on-trend style.


  • Solid construction
  • Made with solid pine timber and veneers
  • Hand-rubbed in Barley stain
  • See our product safety tips here
12 Month Warranty

12 Month Warranty

Assembled Dimensions

Assembled dimensions

Care Instructions

Care Image

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