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Refresh your guest bedroom

Create a home away from home for your holiday guests this Christmas to ensure their stay is a memorable one. Refresh the guest bedroom with natural, soft linen and bedding to create a cool, calming haven with the following tips.

      1. Generous and stylish linen

          A beautifully dressed bed is a great way to make family and friends feel right at home and is sure to dial up the comfort factor in any guest bedroom. Adrian Galiazzo, our Senior Furniture Category Manager at Snooze suggests starting off with light, breathable fabrics such as linen, bamboo or cotton and to reserve the flannel sheet sheets for cool, winter nights. When it comes to choosing a colour palette, opt for a relaxing colour scheme which harmonises with the rest of your home. Shades like light blue, pale pink and even white and grey are lighter and ideal for the Summer months.

          2. A natural, breathable quilt

              You can’t go wrong with a light, breathable quilt for those warm Summer nights. A cotton quilt made of natural cotton is breathable and lightweight making it ideal for warmth and will ensure your guests stay fresh as they sleep. It’s also important to consider if someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies as this is likely to influence your choice of bedding. Adrian suggests avoiding a quilt which is feather-filled as these may cause an allergic reaction for some people. Microfibre is great because it can reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction but still possesses similiar properties of a feather-filled quilt. Like cotton, microfibre is lightweight and great for Summer.

              3. Protective bedding

                  To assist your guests to sleep more comfortably, it is suggested that you provide them with bedding which keeps them cooler and dry. The key to keeping the bed fresh during their stay is investing in pillow and mattress covers and protectors with improved heat and moisture management technologies. If you have a little one coming over during the Summer season look into waterproof pillow and mattress protectors to prevent any accidents from seeping through to your bedding and mattress, which can cause mould, mildew and odour. Another benefit of waterproof bedding is that it can assist with fending off bed bugs, dust mites and other sleep inhibitors which can occur naturally.

                  4. Pillows, pillows and pillows

                      Providing layers of pillows will create a homely aesthetic and give your guests the ability to choose one that meets their sleeping style and preference. Adrian says that ‘Ideally you would dress the bed with four pillows - two higher profile and two lower profile pillows with additional scatter cushions which tie in with your chosen colour scheme’. The type of mattress used in your guest bedroom will also determine the thickness of pillow most suitable for your guests. Adrian advises that lower pillows are preferred when for those sleeping on a plush mattress whereas a firm mattress calls for higher pillows.

                      A beautiful guest room filled with functional linen and bedding in cool, calming tones is sure to turn your space into a stylish retreat and make their one to remember. If you want to go the extra mile, provide your guests a travel-sized set of toiletries, a bathrobe and slippers, so they feel like VIPs.


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