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Tidying Up Your Kids Bedroom

Tidying up their bedroom doesn’t have to mean throwing lots of things out. After all, they may love their doll collection, boxes of blocks, dress-ups, teddy, games, craft and books. Sometimes, the trick to a tidy kid’s bedroom is having enough storage options.

If your child’s wardrobe is overflowing and their toys are simply shoved into the corner, it might be time to look at new bedroom furniture. Below we outline our 6 favourite bedroom furniture pieces for kids that are all about storage.


The first item on our list is a bed with storage, like the Polo bed (above). Not only does this single bed with storage option give you heaps of storage space, it also means the space under their bed isn’t full of dust, lost toys, missing scrunchies and odd-shaped boxes that look untidy. Another fun option is a loft-style bed that includes drawers, cupboards, shelves and a desk under the bed, like the Bilby bed (below). Browse our full range of beds with storage online or in store.

#2 Overhead Unit

If your child has a lot of knick-knacks, books, toys, trophies and CDs/DVDs, the Calypso overhead unit is a great option. Available in Beech, White, Chocolate, Maple, Smoke, Latte and Licorice, this overhead unit is made to perfectly fit a Calypso single bed frame.

The range also includes underbed drawers, which is a great spot for storing shoes, sports equipment or winter jumpers.

#3 Bookcase and #4 Desk & Hutch

If you need extra shelving in your child’s bedroom, a bookcase or desk & hutch is a fantastic solution. The Paris desk & hutch offers shelves, cupboards, drawers and a desk, in pretty Pearl White. You can furnish your child’s entire bedroom with our Paris collection as it includes a bed frame, tallboy and bedside table.

Or your child might prefer the Skipper combination which is available in White and Chocolate. The Skipper collecton includes a bed frame (with trundle option), bedside table and tallboy.


#5 Toy Box and #6 Toy Hutch

Of course, the perfect spot for your kid’s toys is a toy box! The Banjo toy box, shown here, is nearly one metre wide, so it can store a lot of toys. It can also be used as a handy bench or, if more shelving is needed, a hutch can be placed on top.

The Banjo range includes a heap of smart storage solutions including beds with storage, tallboy, bedside table and a desk & hutch.

For more storage solutions for your child’s bedroom, browse our Kids Bedroom collection online, or visit your local Snooze store. It’s amazing what a little Snooze can do!

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