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The Making of an Australian Beauty

How do fairy-tales usually go? Work hard, be nice to people, and eventually you’ll rock up somewhere half-decent, in a good frock. For the past 6 months, Snooze has been working on a collaboration with Vogue Living to shine a light on Australian Made and take customisation to the next level. The result? Three truly unique, glamorous bedrooms to inspire you.

The Vogue Living Bedroom Experience

As our bedroom furniture buyer put it, “the Vogue Living experience was a bit like having your own fairy godmother,” explaining that, “a focus on product quality and stores had meant that the team had never explored just how far customisation could go”.

Taking customisation to another level in store

But with a customise zone in every store, and a skilled Australian upholstery partner, the time was right to try. Working on the Dream Bedroom Series with Vogue Living gave the team a whole new perspective, “Jack [creative director at Vogue Living Australia] helped us see just how far we could take customisation to create a truly bespoke experience.” - Adrian

Shining a light on Skilled Local Workmanship

Why did Vogue Living get involved? For Jack and his team, the partnership was a chance to recognize Australian Made, not just at the boutique high-end, where beards and words like ‘craft’ and ‘bespoke’ are scattered like quinoa at a paleo café, but at the manufacturing heart of Australia’s furniture and mattress industry, much of which is still family owned, with traditional skilled techniques, like hand-tufted upholstery, still very much in play.

The Vogue Living Dream Bed

One of the best-kept secrets about shopping local is that, not only are you keeping jobs and skills in Australia, you also get to customise, and customise freely (after-all who books a ship to transport a one-off single order?).

Dreaming of an ornate bed upholstered in a decadent fabric worthy of a Milan Palazzo? It’s possible when you can choose from any fabrics in Warwick’s extensive upholstery library. But even we were blown away by Vogue Living’s selection. And if you can’t find your exact match, bring a swatch of your favourite fabric to store and let’s see what we can do.

Bespoke features for that unique touch

The thing you learn when you watch Vogue Living at work is the incredible attention to detail. You could see the team visibly light up when we started to describe how piping, buttons, studding and all manner of bespoke features could be designed to suit. Picture the result. Cue contrast piping, which involves trimming the headboard in a lighter, darker or different patterned fabric, and deeply cushioned hand-tufted buttons which cry out comfort.

To see the end product, watch out for the September issue of Vogue Living, on sale August 26, or check out their step by step guide to creating your dream bed at Snooze here

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