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My Design - the Australian made bed that you can call your very own!

The joy of designing a home, a bedroom or a bed, is all in the decisions that reflect our personality, our style and our specific needs. In short, it’s the possibility of having these choices and being able to make something our own that excites so many of us!

This is the philosophy behind bedBUILDER® at Snooze – our customisation program. With countless combinations you can mix and match a range of features to help you create your dream bed. In fact there are 3728 possible bed & bedside design combinations!

The My Design range is our customizable range of timber veneer & timber beds – it’s both wonderfully stylish and incredibly flexible. You can choose from a range of timber headboards, 6 different types of bases (including gas lift), different storage options and 7 stunning stains including Latte, Natural, White, Straw, Charcoal, Blackbean and Ghost Gum. The My Design bed really is your very own design.

The award-winning Australian furniture makers behind My Design pride themselves on their reputation for innovative design, craftsmanship and quality.

Silver Lynx is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. With 65 years of experience in the Australian furniture manufacturing business, Howard Bowler purchased Silver Lynx in 1985. It’s now a 2nd generation family business run by the company successor Simon Bowler, who became Managing Director in 2012. It was the perfect succession plan - the company was handed down through the family and moved into a new era of business.

“We’re a next generation manufacturer. Of course we draw on the wealth of experience of those before us, but obviously we have to think about new ways to operate in a challenging market. We compete globally but don’t export, we make our products in Australia with real people making the beds which are being cut in our factory here in Melbourne. It’s the most personal experience on a mass production scale possible.”

Snooze and Silver Lynx have been working together for over 30 years. ‘It’s a very loyal partnership” says Bowler. It’s also a collaborative partnership. The My Design concept was a joint design effort by both Snooze and Silver Lynx design teams, but the end result is a bed that can be designed by you.

The furniture is lovingly crafted to the highest standards and produced from the finest materials including Australian Select native hardwood timbers that are responsibly harvested and regrown in Australian forests. Even the boards like MDF are all produced to Australian standards; “It’s regulated, you know what’s in it, so there’s no need to worry about nasty stuff like formaldehyde”.

With over 50 employees (included contracted sales staff) there’s a focus on employing locally and maintaining the trade skills through apprenticeships. If you think about it, even buying product locally further promotes local employment down the supply chain.

Silver Lynx values design, productivity, quality and the customer experience. “There’s a culture of continuous improvement in all these areas. In regards to the customer, we’re continually asking what we can do to improve their experience.”

Says Bowler “The My Design collection gives customers the ability to custom design the perfect bed that suits their style and home. From headboard choice, to multiple different bases, to storage options and finally many different colour/stains there is so much flexibility. When our customer buys a My Design bed at Snooze, the bed is made specifically for them. From the moment we receive the order we can ensure that the store and customer can follow the manufacturing process by notifying them at various stages from start to finish. From order confirmation, to when its cut and machined, then assembled, and polished, the customer is kept in the loop about the progress of their bed.”

Both Snooze and Silver Lynx share the philosophy that it’s all about making the bedroom a reflection of your individual style and personality. And this custom made, fully customisable range is no exception.

Design your bed online with the bedBUILDER® from Snooze.

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