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Five fun ideas for Easter breakfast in bed

For those who celebrate Easter, we have good news; Easter is almost here! At Snooze, we love Easter Sunday as this is the day heaps of kids, teens and adults all over the world jump out of bed and hunt inside and outside for Easter eggs! It’s also a great day to make someone you love a scrumptious breakfast in bed. With Easter as the theme, there are plenty of recipes and styles of breakfasts to choose from. We’ve discovered 5 great ideas, which we’d love to share with you. Mmm, can you smell the fresh coffee?

#1 The Rabbit and Egg

We love this simple yet gorgeous Easter breakfast idea. If you don’t have a rabbit-shaped cookie cutter, make the toast then, using scissors, cut out the rabbit image shown here. Yes cut. It’s much easier than using a knife. Then simply boil an egg and make a pot of fresh coffee. Add the finishing touches with a little chick and Easter daisy. Go on, hop to it!


A great Easter Sunday breakfast for the young or young at heart! This cute and tasty sandwich is full of healthy goodness so is a great way to start the day. First cut two slices of bread into an oval, then cut across one of the slices in the jagged way shown. Add an oval shaped slice of cheese, and two tiny cut outs for the wings. Use red capsicum and toasted sesame seeds (just 2!) to create the cute face. Place it on a bed of lettuce then add a few tiny colourful Easter eggs. Guaranteed to be gobbled up on two minutes!


This sweet tasting bread is easy to make or can be bought from supermarkets or hot bread shops. If you make it yourself, you can add colourful eggs to the dough and change the shape of the bread. You can serve it warm, sliced or toasted. Once you’ve placed it on the breakfast tray, add a small basket of painted boiled eggs or brightly wrapped chocolate Easter eggs, and a beautiful bunch of flowers.






How about a French style Easter breakfast like the one shown here? Oui oui? Hop out early to buy some freshly baked croissants then pop them in the oven to warm up. You can then brew some fresh coffee, roll up some ham, boil an egg and scoop out some delicious strawberry jam. Place the croissants in one basket, and a bundle of painted boiled eggs or brightly wrapped chocolate Easter eggs in another one. Pour the coffee and watch them smile as you serve them this tasty breakfast in bed. Délicieux!


Hot Cross Buns are so delicious we think they should be eaten on Easter Sunday too! Warmed up in the oven, or toasted under the grill, hot cross buns are always a scrumptious treat. For Easter Sunday breakfast include a few painted boiled eggs or pretty chocolate Easter eggs, and a lovely bunch of flowers. Add fresh juice or filtered coffee and this makes for the perfect breakfast in bed. 

We hope you enjoyed these Easter Sunday breakfast in bed ideas. And from everyone at your local Snooze store, have a lovely, safe and relaxing Easter!

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