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Featuring a trundle base with option to convert to a large bed for two.", "StoryImageURL": "/getmedia/e0468962-85da-4b6e-976a-714378f8f0eb/Snooze_Logo_Brow.svg?ext=.svg", "CampaignDateStart": "19/12/2017", "CampaignDateEnd": "04/02/2018", "CampaignStickerLabel": "", "CampaignOneLiner": "", "CampaignIsMemberEvent": false, "IsMemberEvent": false, "CampaignMemberEventColour": null, "IsMySideProduct": false, "MainSKUNumber": "SNZ-19400" }, "PriceDrivenData": [ { "Size": "Single", "Variants": [ { "PromotionPriceDetail": { "SKUGuid": "c9397d80-26bb-4d94-b845-60d98a41df51", "SKUGroup": "ab8bf23e-8ce8-441c-af78-f614d547fd32", "NewPrice": 1389.0, "GSTAmount": 126.27, "DiscountAmount": 610.0, "DiscountPercent": 31.0, "PromotionTypeName": "Was Now", "CampaignName": "2017 OUR BIGGEST BEDROOM SALE v3", "PromotionTypeCode": "WasNow", "PriceFromSKU": null, "UpSizePrice": null, "StickerLabel": "Sale", "StickerBackgroundColour": "#D10D1C", "StickerTextColour": "#FEFEFE" }, "SKUNumber": "SNZ-19400", "ProductName": "Nova Single Mattress & Trundle Base", "Colour": null, "OriginalPrice": 1999.0, "SKUGuid": "c9397d80-26bb-4d94-b845-60d98a41df51", "SKUId": 135168, "IsAustralianMade": true, "OriginCountry": "Australia", "Brand": "Sealy Australia", "Materials": [], "Types": [ "Trundle", "Sealy", "Mattress" ], "Range": "Nova Trundle", "Dimension": { "Height": "87cm", "Width": "92cm", "Depth": "188cm" }, "Weight": null, "BedBaseType": null, "QuiltWeight": null, "PillowProfile": null, "HeadboardShape": null, "CareInfo": null, "LeadTimeDelays": false, "LeadTimeText": "Estimated to be ready for pickup/delivery in up to 14 days", "IsAssemblyRequired": false, "AssemblyPrice": 0.0, "PromotionalContent": { "MobileImageUrl": "/getmedia/ae82e9aa-d628-43ba-9f2d-446de29015fb/Artboard-1-copy-3.png?width=300&height=60&ext=.png", "DesktopImageUrl": "/getmedia/8e113954-d0eb-49cf-a9b2-5d2b68825d44/Artboard-1-copy-2.png?width=411&height=82&ext=.png", "LinkUrl": null, "OpenInNewTab": false }, "SKUImages": [ { "GalleryThumb": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Id": "b682dafd-454a-4985-89cf-0ecd53a02dc7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ThumbnailLarge/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ThumbnailLarge", "Title": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/thumbnaillarge/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png" }, "Detail": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Id": "b682dafd-454a-4985-89cf-0ecd53a02dc7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ProductDetail/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ProductDetail", "Title": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/productdetail/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png" }, "Zoom": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Id": "b682dafd-454a-4985-89cf-0ecd53a02dc7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Wide/ProductDetailZoom/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png", "Purpose": "Wide", "SizeName": "ProductDetailZoom", "Title": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/wide/productdetailzoom/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png" }, "IsMainSKU": true, "IsPageMainImage": false, "IsSKUMainImage": true, "IsSKUHoverImage": false, "IsAdditionalImage": false } ] } ] }, { "Size": "King Single", "Variants": [ { "PromotionPriceDetail": { "SKUGuid": "18dc4d96-0286-4467-9d59-3cbf54a24fee", "SKUGroup": "ab8bf23e-8ce8-441c-af78-f614d547fd32", "NewPrice": 1839.0, "GSTAmount": 167.18, "DiscountAmount": 760.0, "DiscountPercent": 29.0, "PromotionTypeName": "Was Now", "CampaignName": "2017 OUR BIGGEST BEDROOM SALE v3", "PromotionTypeCode": "WasNow", "PriceFromSKU": null, "UpSizePrice": null, "StickerLabel": "Sale", "StickerBackgroundColour": "#D10D1C", "StickerTextColour": "#FEFEFE" }, "SKUNumber": "SNZ-19401", "ProductName": "Nova King Single Mattress & Trundle Base", "Colour": null, "OriginalPrice": 2599.0, "SKUGuid": "18dc4d96-0286-4467-9d59-3cbf54a24fee", "SKUId": 135169, "IsAustralianMade": true, "OriginCountry": "Australia", "Brand": "Sealy Australia", "Materials": [], "Types": [ "Trundle", "Sealy", "Mattress" ], "Range": "Nova Trundle", "Dimension": { "Height": "87cm", "Width": "107cm", "Depth": "203cm" }, "Weight": null, "BedBaseType": null, "QuiltWeight": null, "PillowProfile": null, "HeadboardShape": null, "CareInfo": null, "LeadTimeDelays": false, "LeadTimeText": "Estimated to be ready for pickup/delivery in up to 14 days", "IsAssemblyRequired": false, "AssemblyPrice": 0.0, "PromotionalContent": { "MobileImageUrl": "/getmedia/ae82e9aa-d628-43ba-9f2d-446de29015fb/Artboard-1-copy-3.png?width=300&height=60&ext=.png", "DesktopImageUrl": "/getmedia/8e113954-d0eb-49cf-a9b2-5d2b68825d44/Artboard-1-copy-2.png?width=411&height=82&ext=.png", "LinkUrl": null, "OpenInNewTab": false }, "SKUImages": [ { "GalleryThumb": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Id": "b682dafd-454a-4985-89cf-0ecd53a02dc7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ThumbnailLarge/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ThumbnailLarge", "Title": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/thumbnaillarge/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png" }, "Detail": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Id": "b682dafd-454a-4985-89cf-0ecd53a02dc7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Square/ProductDetail/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png", "Purpose": "Square", "SizeName": "ProductDetail", "Title": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/square/productdetail/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png" }, "Zoom": { "ClassName": "skuimage", "Description": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Id": "b682dafd-454a-4985-89cf-0ecd53a02dc7", "LocalPath": "skuimage/Wide/ProductDetailZoom/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png", "Purpose": "Wide", "SizeName": "ProductDetailZoom", "Title": "SNZ19398_Nova_Trundle_SB_3Q_A", "Url": "/snooze/media/sets/skuimage/wide/productdetailzoom/snz19398_nova_trundle_sb_3q_a.png" }, "IsMainSKU": false, "IsPageMainImage": false, "IsSKUMainImage": true, "IsSKUHoverImage": false, "IsAdditionalImage": false } ] } ] } ], "PriceDrivenMySideData": null }

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Sealy® Nova Trundle Underside Mattress & Base

The Sealy Singles Mattress features include, PostureTech® ST technology for deep down support, Edgeguard® ful perimeter edge support system and comfort layers built for performance and durability as well as a trundle foundation. Trundle bed easily glides out (with wheels) and has the option of low standing legs or pop out legs that prop the trundle bed up to the same height as the single bed to convert to a bed for two.

After 65 years in business, it's with good reason that Sealy® can claim to be Australia's favourite mattress brand. Every Sealy® bed is hand finished and made using materials sourced entirely in Australia. A family owned business, their investment in a Research and Development centre in Brisbane reflects their commitment to remaining top of the line when it comes to safety and quality, efforts which have been rewarded with NATA accreditation (the National Association of Testing Authorities).


  • TightTop construction
  • Premium Sealy Fibre Blend Quilt Layers
  • Cushioning quilt foam
  • Sealy high quality foam and Durabond Insulator
  • Posture TechII® Edgeguard Support System
  • Trundle Foundation & Black Glides
  • Australian Made and Owned
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Available in Single, Long Single and King Single .
  • Features easy glide trundle bed with option of legs to prop bed up to single bed height.
Medium Feel

Medium Feel

Australian Made

Australian Made

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

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