What if there are no assembly instructions with my product?

If the assembly instructions for the products in your order are missing please contact the store that you purchased the products from and we will ensure these are sent to you as quickly as possible.  We can send either send the instructions by post or send a scanned image of the instructions by email.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit some web pages.  Cookies contain data that the website uses to serve you web pages.

Can cookies harm my computer?

The cookies utilised on the Snooze website are in no way harmful to your computer.

Can I order products without having cookies enabled?

It is a technical requirement that you must have cookies enabled in order to order products online with Snooze.

Can I order products online while in private/incognito mode?

Yes. Browsing while using built in the anonymising functionality of browsers will not prevent you from ordering products online.

Can I own more than one Snooze store?

Absolutely. Many of our current Franchise Partners own more than one Snooze store.

Do I need retail experience?

As we provide training and support to cover all aspects of operating a Snooze franchise, all you need is a positive outlook, a passion and ability for dealing with people (customers and staff), and a committed attitude.

How much training will I receive?

We provide a minimum four-week training program, which includes in store training at an existing Snooze store, and formal training at the Snooze Support Centre. This training covers all operation aspects of a Snooze franchise including computer and financial systems, marketing, compliance, small business management, merchandising, supplier training and sales skills.

What are the set up fees and costs?

As there are many variables when purchasing a Snooze Franchise, such as the type of store (new or existing), the location (regional or metro) and the size of the store, we prefer to discuss each opportunity on a case-by-case basis. Enquire now if you’d like to discuss this particular aspect in more detail.